Get out of debt! Make this your first priority. Start a culture of saving. Live under your means not above it. This should be the culture of Christianity. As long as you live above your means you are in slavery. Take stock of your life: of what you have and what you really need. Do not conform to the culture of this world. Do not trust in the strength of the arm of man. Turn your trust to God. He is the answer to all your needs. Don’t invest all your money in one place. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify, no matter how small.

Clear discernment regarding the financial systems that we buy into is necessary. A financial system in the form of a discount card, that provides three times more than the average discount on purchases, is being developed with the aim to put money in the coffers of Satanists.

Man-made disaster

  • Aircraft related problems will increase, including: fuel, tyre, wing, electrical problems, etc.
  • Various small aircraft and helicopter accidents will occur. This will cause the introduction of stricter control on pilot licenses.
  • A pet-food scandal will occur: A specific pet-food will be toxic. The problem will be discovered too late and many pets will die.
  • Various derailing of trains and underground trains will occur in the next year.
  • Small villages disappearing into sinkholes will be heard of.

Natural Disaster

  • A volcano will erupt in the Northern Hemisphere disrupting the lives of the population.
  • Unusually large amounts of snow will fall in the northern hemisphere.
  • A deep-sea earthquake will occur, far from any land, which will cause a tsunami.
  • Some areas of the ocean will be contaminated with toxins that will make sea food toxic. A red hue was seen in the sea.
  • News channels will have regular reports from various parts of the word of beached whales and peoples’ attempt to save them.
  • A vision was seen of people getting sick from eating fruit that seems healthy but is toxic or contaminated.


  • A spirit of murder, saying: “it is easier to kill than to explain”, wants to rise. Serious intercession is required to prevent this from happening.
  • A vision was seen of a fire spreading through the whole of Africa. The fire was burning wherever witchcraft was taking place. God is bringing judgment to witchcraft in Africa and to the results of witchcraft, especially relating to violence and atrocities done to others.