The prayer pointers for 2019 show that the Lord is focusing on specific regions of the earth, which might also include ethnic groups. Therefore, he calls us to take note and focus on them in prayer and intercession.

Prayer pointers: The EU

  • God has called the EU to help protect the rest of the world from the strong influences of individual nations that want to govern, take over and control other countries, especially Russia, the United Arab Emirates and America. So pray that the EU will fulfil this divine mandate.
  • Pray that the strong Christian heritage in the EU countries will stand for what is right and true and not accommodate what is wrong and false.
  • Pray against secret organisations that are targeting the finances of the eastern and northern regions.
  • Pray for a wave of evangelism that will flow over many European nations. Pray that His wave will be characterised by a new boldness in believers to publicly proclaim the Gospel, despite authorities’ attempts and the introduction of new rules to restrict people’s ability to voice their religious beliefs in public.
  • Pray that the publicity of the Gospel message will spark interest in the Word in Europe, resulting in conversions amongst Muslims and a new interest in Christianity.
  • Pray against a counterfeit religious movement that wants to arise in opposition to the move of God.
  • Pray over the Pope, who wants to play a significant role in bringing the three religious groups (Christianity, Islam and Judaism) together for the EU’s future. This will significantly influence other nations and continents as it begins to emerge and mark the New World Order developing.
  • Pray against the negative impact of an alliance between Muslims, Roman Catholics, and Christians on the EU and the crisis between Israel and the EU caused by this alliance.
  • Pray for the immigrants and refugees currently in Europe that will start going back home. The church has been reaching out to those displaced as the Lord placed them in their care for a season. They will take the things that were imparted to them back to their home nations, and these people will have influence and an impact on the countries where they settle.
  • Pray for the north-eastern side of Europe and the EU. A fear of conflict and military action from Russia will significantly impact the whole EU in the coming year.
  • Pray for a possible conflict that may arise between the EU and the UAE that will cause a problem with global oil and fuel prices.
  • Pray for the threat of invasion where the borders of the EU might be aggressively challenged.
  • Pray about the possible collapse of a dome of an ancient cathedral.
  • Pray about a possible fishing crisis in the seas around Europe. It was unclear whether it would be a lack of fish or a dispute with other nations.
  • Pray about possible pirate ship attacks on the shores of Portugal and Spain.
  • Pray about a specific health crisis surrounding the Pope.

2019 Prayer pointers: France

  • There is a strong call for intercessors to pray for France. President Macron will gather many heads of state. It will be a gathering of many nations, of which France will be the nucleus. Because of events like this, there will be attacks on Paris and other parts of France.

2019 Prayer pointers: Germany

  • Much prayer for Germany will be required in 2019. Germany will come under pressure from other EU member states, as many will look to Germany with unrealistic expectations to solve problems in the EU.

2019 Prayer pointers: Turkey

  • Pray for Turkey’s president and Israel. Erdogan will be pressing for issues in the EU to be heard, specifically Israel, and a pro-Muslim focus will cause a crisis with Israel.

2019 Prayer pointers: Baltic States

  • Agriculture: Many scientists have been lured away to other nations with promises of more money and better living. Prayer is needed to bring these scientists back to provide the necessary skills to develop and boost the agricultural sector.
  • The politicians ruling in these nations keep the economic groups apart while those working in the economy want to work together. Therefore, this is a critical prayer issue: the economics and political forces will not be divided but will unite for the people’s good.
  • Pray for the spirit of intercession and prayer that is rising in these nations. Many people will turn to God because of a sense of insignificance and powerlessness against threats towards their countries and their lives.
  • Pray that the Baltic nations’ Christian heritage will become a strong anchor and a testimony in the EU. Pray that a heart to preserve the Baltic nations’ Christian heritage will be stirred in the EU. Finally, pray that it will become a testimony for the whole EU.
  • Pray for the older people trying to hold on to the old ways and the young people who will be bringing a new flow and spirit, not charismatic or Pentecostal, but a new way of serving God.
  • Pray for a spiritual wind to blow over the Baltic states and bring a mini-revival in the hearts of people.
  • Pray for the younger folk’s zeal to touch the older generation in how the youth are serving. Pray concerning an initial standoff and tension. Pray that a big house-church movement will emerge in these nations.
  • Pray that God will touch the people’s minds in the Baltic nations, and a new ingenuity will come from the people.
  • Pray concerning a possible conflict between Russia and the Baltic nations.
  • Pray for the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania that will come under pressure in the coming year. They will find themselves being held hostage by restrictions on gas and oil supply, causing these commodities’ prices to increase considerably.
  • Pray concerning the economic and political pressure caused primarily by Russia, forcing the Baltic nations to build war machines to defend themselves.
  • Pray that corruption due to Russian influence in government will be exposed and cause people to demand change. Pray that political parties opposing Russian influence will join hands and become a powerful force, influencing government decision-making.
  • Pray about weather patterns in the area that might bring strong winds. Water was seen rising and flooding taking place to the point where surrounding nations will have to come to help.

Prayer pointers: Russia

  • The church must fervently pray for missionaries as they will face much persecution, and the consequences of sharing the faith will be fatal. The Russian government is trying to nullify any hope that God brings to the people through the missionaries.
  • Much intercession is needed for Russia. It seems as if there is a plan to start World War III. People need to intercede because many people still need to be saved in Russia.
  • Intercession is needed concerning Russia who will slowly move into Europe from the east, starting from the Baltics.
  • Pray that the Lord will release a wave flowing over Russia from west to east, changing the morality by challenging their default mindset and bringing new possibilities. Pray that the nations will step up in sending missionaries into Russia.
  • Pray concerning a vision of a giant fist slamming down in Russia. The government is trying to control everybody’s voice in Russia. People are being killed for what they are saying. Journalists will be imprisoned and shot for speaking against the government.
  • Pray for Vladimir Putin. He has this vision of world domination on one side and on the other side, the influence of a paternal grandmother who has prayed for this generation for many years. The result is that the Lord is working in his personal life, and he has doubts about pushing through certain portions of this world domination vision. His grandmother prophetically prayed for his leadership role and that the Spirit of God would lead him. Pray that his grandmothers’ prayers will be answered and that God will be done through his life.
  • Pray that Putin will be sensitive to hear God speak to him through natural occurrences such as weather patterns and storms. Pray that God will answer the question inside himself: ‘What if God is really real?’
  • Pray about Russia’s involvement in the Israel Palestinian conflict.
  • Pray concerning renewed relations between Russia and Israel that will take place in secret.
  • Pray for the Christians in Russia. A vision was seen of the bear of the north coming into the whole of Russia and crushing any religious spirit and any born-again experience. The church is being forced underground because of persecution. There are certain religious groups the government seems to like and accommodate, but they dislike other more radical groups who do healings and prophecy.

2019 Prayer pointers: South-east Asia

  • Pray against the influx of the drug trade in the region.
  • Pray for a famous sportsman who will become a crusader against the drug trade. Because he is so well known, he will draw the attention of the media and the public. It will put a spotlight on the existing drug trade and cause it to slow down.
  • Pray concerning the increase of earthquakes and volcanic action in this area.
  • Pray concerning possible earthquakes in the Philippines and the northern areas of Southeast Asia (Philippines, Singapore)
  • Pray that God will raise leaders who will come together to negotiate and resolve conflict within the fishing industry and the rights to fish in certain areas.
  • Pray for the uncovering of the human trafficking circle and revealing the participation of major business and governmental leaders in human trafficking.
  • Pray for the renewing of moral values in this region. Pray for the restoration of human dignity and life and against the physical abuse of people in prostitution.
  • Pray for new spiritual growth in the region that will spill down to Australia and New Zealand.
  • Pray for the spiritual hard-heartedness of Australia and New Zealand and their lack of faith in God.
  • Pray concerning a possible drought in the south-western side of Australia, which will threaten food security.
  • Pray for a refreshing in the church of Australia. Pray that a wave will come, starting from the top down, and change the country’s whole church culture.
  • Pray concerning severe weather patterns and weather activities in Australia. Severe shaking of the land was seen, and a piece of the land was seen breaking off Australia: the top tip of the land near Papua New Guinea.
  • Pray that Singapore will become a testimony of God’s goodness over nations that serve Him. Pray that this testimony will ring out across the South Asian region as the country embraces the Lord.
  • Pray that a new wave of the Lord will come to New Zealand, which will bring much more freedom to the Body of Christ in this country.
  • Pray that God will expose drug trafficking in Thailand. Pray that a change of government in Thailand will occur because of the rise of the people against the country’s leaders due to their involvement in drug trafficking.
  • Pray that the hand of God will be on the smaller islands and that a strong evangelical move will take place and revival will break out in these areas.
  • Pray concerning abnormal weather patterns with excessive rainy seasons resulting in various natural disasters such as mudslides and flooding.

Central and South America

  • Pray that the Church in the South American region will come together; that revivals will break out starting from the north-western nations, then filtering down to the south-eastern parts of South America.
  • Pray that a new level of morality and higher standards will occur because of a new move from God.
  • Pray regarding a possible conflict between authorities and drug lords in addressing how crime syndicates have influenced the government. Pray that the connection between these entities will be severed.
  • Pray against animals dying in the region of central South America due to shortages of nutritional feeds.

Prayer pointers: Brazil

  • Intercessors need to pray against corruption as the money generated from mining is meant for the nation and not only for a select few. Other countries and large mining corporations will try to exploit these discoveries; therefore, prayer for protection and wisdom will be necessary.
  • There will be much rioting and uproar from the people as they have had enough of the inequality, corruption and difficulties. Prayer for peace is needed.
  • Pray that the church in Brazil and the government will work together. Pray that a prophetic voice and company will be raised in Brazil and that a coming together of church and a prophetic company of church and government will take place.

2019 Prayer pointers: Venezuela

  • God is raising numerous voices that will speak out against the corruption and violence in the country. Abuse against women will be one of the issues addressed. It will be essential to pray for protection as many attempts will be made on the lives of the people and their families standing against these injustices and all the terrible things they expose and revolve against.

2019 Prayer pointers: Panama

  • Pray for a new leader for Panama. Pray that he will have a heart for the people and that a new government in Panama will emerge. Pray that the nation will find a new identity and God will bring restoration.

2019 Prayer pointers: Africa south of the equator

  • Pray that God will protect the entrepreneurial spirit that rests on the people of Africa and southern Africa.
  • Pray that witchcraft used in previous dispensations to gain power will be ineffective. Pray that the prayers of Gods people will be answered and the time of His intervention will come.
  • Pray that the fear of the Lord will come over the leaders of the nation. Pray that leaders will be willing to relinquish their post or position before God has to remove them by force.
  • Pray against Muslim rebel groups that want to push down to the southern nations. Pray that the nations will be vigilant in preparing to combat and protect their land from these groups.
  • Pray against Muslim groups linked to Al-Shabaab or ISIS. Also, pray against terrorist attacks in the southern African block in various nations.
  • Pray regarding conflict because of an invasion of the Muslim influence. Pray that secret alliances and connections with Muslims and influential people and government, which cause corruption, will come to light.
  • Pray that Christians’ silent voice will be heard in the political arena, specifically against the invasion of the Muslim influence in these countries and how they are monopolising the economy and the government for their selfish gain.
  • Pray that God will deal with abusive leadership to bring stable governments within these nations. God is preparing these nations to become more accountable towards their people, the rest of the world, and others.
  • Prayer is needed concerning landslides and natural disasters.


  • Pray for the Kenyan government to beef up security on their northern border because this is a breeding ground for terrorist training camps.
  • Pray that political leaders that have been negatively influenced to support these terrorist cells will be exposed.
  • Pray regarding possible skirmishes and fighting that will cause fear among the people. Also, pray for Kenya’s food security because of these threats.
  • Pray against increased terrorist activity in Kenya and terrorist groups like Boko Haram trying to take over certain regions and areas. Pray that nations like the USA, UK and Ethiopia will take hands with Kenya in seeking solutions for violence and terrorism.
  • Pray that missions, missionaries and ministries will concentrate on this nation again.
  • Pray that people in these volatile regions will become sensitive to the supernatural prompting of the Lord to protect them. Pray that the Lord will reveal hidden terrorist cells to people in these areas, and this will reach the ears of those who can do something about it. Pray that they will receive wisdom and a plan from God to destroy these cells and eliminate many weapons.
  • Greater conflict between Muslims and Christians will occur, and much prayer for missionaries will be required to evangelise certain areas.
  • Pray for Kenya regarding major water problems. Also, pray against an outbreak of cholera.


  • There is a call for the intercessors in Lesotho to go up the mountains and intercede for the nation of Lesotho. The spiritual high places of old need to be taken down and be replaced with the Lord’s grace to become the nation described in Mal. 3:12.
  • Some ministers need to get their lives in order; God calls them closer to Him. Pray that they will heed Gods call.
  • Pray that the nation will not choose to continue in idolatry and, in so doing, prevent calamities from coming to the country. Diseases never seen before in Lesotho will become evident among those who choose to walk and stay in darkness.
  • Pray that the church will come together and earnestly pray for the nation’s leaders. Competition between churches must stop and unite because the church will play a vital role in the promising future God has planned for Lesotho.

South Africa

  • Pray that many farmers preparing to leave South Africa due to uncertainty around land ownership will heed the Lord and not leave.
  • Pray against large fires burning grazing ground in the northwest and the northern part of the Cape. Also, pray against strong winds in dry seasons, which can cause fires.
  • Pray for the bee population that is under attack.
  • Pray for endangered species of the sea turtle. Pray that it will not go extinct.
  • Pray against dead sugarcane; the cause wasn’t drought or a pest but overwatering.
  • Pray against diseases affecting agricultural products. Pray for wise solutions to prevent loss of crops because of this.
  • Pray that any cell of corruption in Standard Bank will be exposed and that the participants will be tried and jailed. Pray that the banking industry will focus on internal corruption and security. Pray that the legacy of the Zuma era of greed and entitlement will be erased.
  • Pray that the Lord will reveal the manipulation of information in the stock market.
  • Pray against popular rhetoric such as racial slurs, which stirs up violence in the nation. Pray against many voices pulling the people into different directions and inciting violence.
  • A vision of a big red vehicle hitting voters at a voting station was seen. As it hits, many people in red emerge from the car. Pray that the EFF will not influence and intimidate people during the elections. Pray that the IEC will be vigilant.
  • Pray for a new breed of politicians that will not be looking for personal gain but will be focused on what they can do for the country. Pray that the Lord will remove the inner motivations and bring the change He wants to bring.
  • Pray that the Lord will deal with the negative influences in the church to prepare the field for the new shoots, new green leaves and green grass that will grow in that space.
  • Pray that God will stir up a real hunger in the people of South Africa and especially within the younger generation. Pray that God will deal with fear, unforgiveness and hatred in the hearts of many and that God will move them to pray instead of retaliating and responding aggressively.
  • Pray that the Lord will hear the corporate voice of unity in prayer rising from South Africa and that He will respond accordingly.
  • Pray against Muslim-on-Muslim attacks taking place, especially in KwaZulu-Natal. Pray that Christian ministries’ intervention will bring great favour, leading to many turning to the Lord Jesus Christ for their salvation.
  • Pray for a revival in the church; large crowds are coming into church buildings; football stadiums will be filled with large gatherings of people praying for our nation and many coming to the Lord.
  • Pray for the waning influence of Islam and that radical changes will take place in imams’ hearts.
  • Pray that a revival breaks out amongst the youth. Pray that the youth will be dissatisfied and no longer turn to drugs. Pray that the power gifts of the Holy Spirit will be poured out.
  • Pray that young people in high schools in rural areas and the more impoverished schools will boldly proclaim Christ and reach out to the other pupils. Pray that God will manifest Himself in supernatural ways. Pray that God will raise their level of faith to a place where they will dare to step out and trust God for His supernatural power.
  • Pray that leaders will start to prepare the youth and not only focus on the older generation but focus on the youth to build the church in the nation for the future.


  • Emergency services in the central part of Italy need to prepare for an earthquake in Italy’s centre, north of Rome, in June 2019. Therefore, urgent prayer will be required during this month.
  • Pray regarding possible landslides in India because of high rainfall and awareness of this danger.
  • Pray concerning possible tidal waves that could hit South Africa, from Mozambique down to the southern point of South Africa.
  • Pray against possible terrorist attacks in South Africa. Pray especially for protection during the upcoming election. Pray for our intelligence network to be vigilant to reveal terrorist plots.
  • Pray that well-established Al-Shabaab terror cells in the Western Cape will be revealed, and their attacks will be stopped. The Lord wants this to be nipped in the bud. Pray that this information reaches the relevant authorities and that this cell is neutralised before they initiate their plan.

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