Change and a new leader will be coming to Namibia. A lot of focus was generally placed on the mines, but this will change. There is a new type of farming coming. A vision was seen of a hot air balloon taking off. There will be a larger chunk of the economy going into tourism. The tourism market will experience a total revival. Namibia will see hunters landing at the airport with their big bags and hunting rifles. There will be many different kinds of adventure experiences drawing tourists to Namibia. In that way, the focus will be shifting a lot from a one-sided focus on mining to other successful ventures.

There is a new leading coming in the farming community. Old farmers changing their roles and are falling in step with the new rules and regulations being put into place for farmers and farming in Namibia.

The southern African countries are going to be using each other strengths. With its large coastal area, Namibia will be used to assist and support other nations with shipping.

There is a specific flavor of culture in Namibia, which the world needs to know about. This part of the Namibian culture has always been protected and treasured and will be gaining more exposure to the world. This will make Namibia a name on lips in Europe, America and Australia; people will know about Namibia. This will promote the country in a big way.

The people of Namibia are gemstones; the true value of Namibia is the people. People from many nations and will come and get to know Namibia because of the different groups of people of Namibia.

God has placed Namibia in a central spot in SADEC. Namibia will be playing a central and important role in assisting displaced people, especially. They will be accepting and taking displaced people into their country, which is part of the heart of God who is looking for a nation that opens itself up for others.

A mayor of a prominent town or city will be exposed and expelled; this will cause a major change in that town or city. The new mayor will work across political lines for the benefit of the community.

Rail development will draw a lot of new foreign investment in the country. Mines opening up will bring economic benefit; the advantages of these new mines will be seen in the country.