Internal strife and divisions are happening within the country. Troops from neighboring countries, especially from South Africa, will be called in to help with this situation.

There is a warning for tourist planning visiting Mozambique to use caution as there may be attacks on them. It looks like many people in the nation are becoming desperate.

Mozambique will again become a friend of South Africa. There has been some kind of division and mistrust, and the Lord will mend those bridges. There will be a security surge in Mozambique as the government and different organizations will look very seriously at how to improve security levels.

Mozambique will be borrowing farming expertise from South Africa in order to enhance their farming community in Mozambique. Because of this, their agriculture is going to improve and develop in a very new and exciting way.

There will also be a big increase in teaching English in the schools due to many requests by the people who have the desire to be able to communicate on an international level.

Many people are self-employed using their many creative skills. Often they are overlooked because they are not yet formally registered, they are not unemployed but working for themselves.

God is bringing a significant changing of mentality. There has been a beggar mentality over Mozambique, leaving them to feel small and neglected, but God is giving them a new image. He shows them the value they have in the southern regions of SADEC, causing their self-esteem to improve.

Witchcraft will be addressed and resisted in the nation, starting from the President down. Someone will come and throw bones in front of the President and he will not pay them any respect but instead will be taking witchcraft down. Witchcraft will experience a big defeat in Mozambique.

Political tension and threats of civil war will continue in the country. Assistance and mediation from outside the country will be required to avert violence and civil war. A lot of prayers is needed to ensure Mozambique does not return to a pre-2000 condition. Mozambique’s political elite are on their way out; many deaths will occur amongst the older generation who a younger generation will replace. A strong communist party will take shape and influence the younger generation.