Tanzania’s leader will undergo a drastic personality change, similar to Saul of the Old Testament who, when the Spirit came on him, became a new man. We believe that God has given the leader of Tanzania a new heart. There will be a tangible change in this leader. His way of operating will change; he will do things not previously done in the nation; there will even be controversy arising against this leader. The currency used in the nation will begin to gain strength, and with that, there will be momentum in the economy, which will slowly begin to grow.

This nation is like a hidden gem that is being polished in secret and will suddenly be coming to the front in the coming years. This will come rather as a surprise to the other SADEC nations who will begin to see wonderful progress in this nation. Tanzania offers many investment opportunities. People who are doing their research taking a closer look at what is happening in the country will realize that there are many investment opportunities that will yield good fruit in a few years if they will invest now. God is saying Tanzania it is a hidden treasure that has been prepared for glory later.

Agriculture is very strong in Tanzania; a lot of produce is coming from this nation, which will be exported. New methods are being used in the country’s fishing industry; this will also contribute to new exports.