The DRC is about to go into an election this year, and there is a strong provincial leader named Moise Katumbi who will contend in the elections. The region he comes from is the strongest and most productive. There have been many assassination attempts against him because he is the one that the people want as their future president, and they will have to contend for him in the spirit.*

God wants to do a new thing in the DRC raising the nation to provide mineral wealth for the whole of Africa and to be a blessing even to the rest of the world.

The DRC is still in a state of limbo, and this condition will continue for the next season. God is using this time to purge and purify the country. He uses the isolation of this country to ensure that the bad influences from within the nations will not spread to other countries. God wants this country to incubate its own solutions; therefore, the attempts of outside solutions will have no effect. The DRC will lag in its movement and development compared to the rest of the SADEC countries; it will be the last country to come into the fold. However, once the DRC gets a breakthrough, this nation’s contribution to the rest of SADEC and other African areas will be huge. The growth, expansion and development in the DRC will be very quick. During this time and season, there will be a lot of spiritual influence and conflicts that God is busy dealing with. Eventually, the DRC solution will be so powerful that they will have a great effect on other African nations in the future. It will take some more time for the DRC to come to the front.

* We are aware of the corruption and embezzlement charges against him. The Lord has specifically spoken concerning this man, and thus we include the prophecy.