Up to now the focus was on infrastructure between countries in Africa and the world. I see new networks rising and an increase in bandwidth between and within these countries. Many from oversees are investing and I see even more money coming in; putting down better infrastructure. Most of these investments are very good investments and many will see a good return on their investments. God has a mission on His heart to light up “the dark continent.” Technology and Internet will be one of the means by which He will do this.

Foreign aid

Foreign aid and money coming through NGO’s into Africa will decrease. Much more thought will go into what money is given to whom, for what and how effective the aid is. The need to address the abuse of money will increase. African governments will be forced to take action against corruption. At the same time more attention and focus will be placed on foreign investment rather that foreign aid. Because of this a lot of investment from European and other countries will increase in African countries. Economic growth will become one of the most important factors in the elections and in government spending.

The African countries that always relied on outside finances to help relieve poverty will be forced to become self-sufficient since foreign finances will no longer be available. Nations that have previously relied heavily on being rescued are developing a pride in self-reliance. There are educated people returning back to their countries using their knowledge to the benefit of their own nations. There is a focus on crops that are being produced; resulting in a massive source of exports, where previously these countries were relying on welfare they are now providing welfare to others.

Imports and Exports

Eastern Africa will experience an economic surge because of the discovery of oil and other commodities. Then trade amongst the eastern African countries will increase. The transport between these countries will also increase. The needs that were always met through import will now be met by countries themselves. Neighbouring countries will share in the wealth of each other’s resources. This will cause big parts of Africa to become independent from imports and foreign products. Through these changes economic growth will be boosted and put Africa on a path of prosperity.

The dependency on foreign investments will decrease. God is starting this process through the unlocking of certain resources in the eastern side of Africa. A lot of activity and trade will start to happen between the nations from eastern Africa down to the southern nations of Africa. Instead of putting goods and products on ships and sending it to China and other places, trade will increase between neighbouring countries and boost the African economy.

God is placing a responsibility on the African nations as being the supplier of major resources for the rest of the world and pressure is being placed to step up into their supplier role. I see plant seed banks making investments into countries to start developing crops and doing the research to advance crop production.

The word breadbasket was heard. God is really calling Africa to be the breadbasket to the world, to produce and to be fruitful again. With this calling there is going to be favour to export, and to take it to the ends of the world.