A Release of joy

There will be a lot of infrastructure advancement in the African nations. The Lord is actually changing a lot to facilitate the spreading of the gospel. The African continent will experience seasons of not just release of wealth, but also a release of joy. The Lord is bringing joy. A vision was seen of an African choir singing and in the coming year the Lord is releasing a season of joy over the continent itself that they will be happy doing what they are doing. A lot of the motivation in the past was always monetary based but the Lord is restoring the joy of the African people, and that joy is like a sound that will impact the world.

Our focus must not just be on the negative. There was a lot of corruption and it has been degrading the moral value of a lot of the nations. The Lord is just raising the standards and morals again. Dark faces will become very bright as the Lord says: My people will have shiny faces in these nations, My people will shine. Africa will become radiant like a sun rising. With that rising there is also darkness will be dispelled during the next few years. Storms will be coming and going but the Lord is removing and moving in the nations. Africa should not become despondent or down hearted because the Lord is restoring the root. The gift in the African continent is joy; God is restoring joy to the world.

The Lord says we must start speaking differently over the African continent and strongly address it as the golden continent. The Lord says start speaking differently over the continent as the way you refer to it is important.


There will be a spirit of peace over the SADC nations and Kenya, even though they have a lot of internal turmoil. The Lord is saying that this is because of the mandate of those nations to be a safe haven. There is specific productive purpose for agriculture which is the feeding other nations and helping other nations to stabilize. From this peace will flow a lot of life in an incredible way. This life will be a major thrust that will affect many, many parts of the world. There is a lot of connection between South America and this region of Africa. The Lord is connecting specific people under the radar that will influence both sides making them extremely effective and productive areas, due to the spirit of His peace hovering over these areas.

China in Africa

The leadership of China had a very specific plan with Africa but they totally underestimated the Africans. They felt they could instil and install their plans and ways thereby harnessing Africa for their specific purposes, but they did not take the people of Africa into account. The wheels are coming off the Chinese leadership’s plans within the continent. They are realizing that the honour they are receiving is just lip service. They are presently re-evaluating their whole plan which has come into disarray. The Chinese will be less involved in Africa in the future and they will be more respectful of Africa as the Africa nations move away from dictatorial spirit. They were hoping, due to the dictatorial spirit in Africa, that they could just harness and pocket a few people and then run Africa. Due to the swell of democracy within these nations that has not materialized, they are viewed with suspicion within Africa and this has derailed their entire plan. Where China has been seen as a threat, they will increasingly withdraw from the African continent.

Dictatorship ending

Africa has this constant emergence of a dictatorial spirit, which is waning; it is increasingly losing its power. Many dictators are window dressing, or trying to window dress their dictatorship as a democracy, but they are standing on very slippery grounds. The Lord says: “You will let my people go”. It is no longer “let my people go”; it is “you will let my people go”. Over time we will see the winds of change coming over Africa, although not immediately visible. There has been a change in the last decade that will continue. We need to look where we were ten years ago compared to now, so that we don’t get discouraged. The Lord wants to keep sending people that will push forward this mandate for the people of this continent. He wants them to realize who He made them to be. This continent has to take its position within the world system and world economy as it really is meant to be. God is transforming Africa although Africa keeps resisting this transformation by continuing in old traditional ways of violence, especially towards women and children (a rape and pillage mind-set). I feel God is changing their mind-sets so they can come to a place where they value their own products. It is a continent that must start gathering significance and purpose beyond survival.

Christian persecution

Persecution of Christians in Africa, specifically Northern Africa, will increase. The Lord is warning Christians to be wise where they travel, persecution will increase but the Lord is still sending people to influence in the nations.