A warning to the government

South African farmers have been moving from South Arica up into Africa – also to Botswana and Zambia. Because of the farm murders in South Africa many farmers will sell and have sold their land and move elsewhere in Africa. They are not leaving Africa. There is also a warning in that: Because of the fact that government is ignoring the farm murders, it is as if a hole has been left in South Africa that must be filled. God is telling the government to “turn back”, acknowledge the farm murders and do something about it, otherwise there will be a hole in South Africa. The country needs the farmers and their knowledge to produce food to send out into the rest of Africa. The South African knowledge in farming will spread into Africa and South African farmers will bring knowledge and new technology to the rest of the continent; especially in Botswana. New ways of farming are constantly developing, with the people taking the new technology and applying it to their own country.