A good season

There will be a good rain season again in this coming season. Farmers need to understand that the maize price, for instance, will remain at a lower level. It will be very similar to what it has been in the past year. Abundance comes with its own challenges, and they cannot forsake their planning just because of the abundance. Farmers will again plant crops during the regular planting season.

In agriculture, everything will start to stabilize. There will be a normal to above-average rainfall in the next season.

Pests and plagues

Farmers need to be aware of pests and certain insect infestations. There could be plagues such as locusts in parts of the Karoo. Farmers need to make provision for that and have the right pesticides.


The livestock industry is in a very good place, but it’s also just for the next two to three years. Apply long-term considerations in planning and investigate collaboration. The keyword at this stage is to collaborate, collaborate, collaborate. Doing your own thing is not going to cut it anymore. This collaboration will not destroy individual identity and independence.

New technology in agriculture

More farmers will start to focus on using new technology in smart watering and irrigation principles, like those pioneered by Israel and the Netherlands, which will become more common in South Africa. Ingenious alterations on some of these systems will be done by locals to make the installation and usage of such irrigational systems even cheaper and more cost-effective.

Because of these new irrigation methods, very dry areas like the Northern Cape will open up for agriculture. New kinds of crops that had not been seen in South Africa before will emerge in these areas. These new crops will be exported at very high prices.

Over the next 15 years, the western coast of South Africa (right up to the border of Namibia) will become a new economic development area with towns growing bigger, and new businesses, factories and mines opening up. This growth will necessitate the need to develop a good harbour for export and better roads. Many of these new towns and developments will start with a new approach to town planning, renewable energy and water usage to become an example to the rest of the country.


Cotton will be popular again. Many areas stopped producing cotton over the years, probably due to financial reasons, but producers can consider it again, and they will find it profitable. There are areas such as the Springbokvlakte that used to produce much cotton – some farmers will risk it and start growing it again. There are other dryers, warmer areas in the country that can produce really good cotton.

Small business sector

The small business sector will begin to receive much support. There will be training and new ideas, with real investment in the small business sector being supported by the government.

Resurgence in economy

The South African economy will flourish again. God has His hand on this nation and the economy. The wealth of our country is protected. The South African Rand will strengthen significantly against the US Dollar.

Protection of mines

Active protection of the mining industry will be implemented. The enemy’s strategy to collapse the mining industry for the benefit of a few greedy men and women will not be successful.

Mining exploration resurge

Exploring shale and gas, and shale gas fracking, particularly in the Karoo and the Northern Cape, will grow. Significant exploratory talks in this regard will take place, and this exploration will also add to the growth of the South African economy.

Mining and government

The current mining challenges and mining charter has changed the attitudes of people and leaders in the mining industry. In the past, they wanted to work with government, but now they will openly oppose government; this will cause investment to return to the country as leaders in the mining industry will not take the actions of government lying down. A communist movement in this industry will be revealed. A strategy to nationalise mining at the heart of the mining charter will be revealed, causing it to be struck down. This action will give a foothold for investment to return to the country because the exposure of the strategy will also start talks of appointing a new minister of mining and mineral resources.

Credit ratings

Credit ratings in the nation will go through some fluctuation before it picks up again, but by the end of 2018, we will be better positioned than we are now.

Despite the country’s credit rating, an upsurge in manufacturing in big metropoles will take place. Bigger manufacturers will buy up some smaller factories, and expansion will start. An upswing in employment will take place in this sector.

Going green

There is a worldwide call to go green, and South Africans will be made more aware of recycling methods; newer recycling methods will increase recycling yield.

There are better battery-operated cars and even motorcycles being developed that will enter the market in South Africa.

Increased farming

Game farms will still increase, as will cattle farming. Farmers will enlarge their flocks and start up new flocks where they got rid of them in the previous season. Even farms that have been dormant for a few years will start to work again.

Wine industry

The wine industry will receive a major boost with exports.


Our poultry and meat standards are still very high, and we will again see an increase in exports.

Clothing industry

The clothing and textile industry has a good quality and standard in South Africa, and higher exports will be seen in this industry.

During the past season’s economic instability, many international investors took a back seat or retreated from activities in South Africa. This didn’t seem good for business, but it opened up space for locals to step in, and this trend will continue in the next season. Local business people who struggled in the past to find their place in certain business sectors because of big international companies will not just find their space but become really successful.

Business ethics

Ethics will become a buzz word in discussions in the media, business and government. Legality and acceptability will no longer be the only measuring stick; morality and ethics will become important in society. A reawakening of this concept will take place in the mind-set of people and become a very important aspect in requirements for job applications and people’s election to positions. Educational institutions will also start developing ethical guidelines and teach it to their learners.

Estate agencies

Estate agents are struggling to sell properties because the banks have made the rules for home loans very strict. There will not be any relief in 2018 until there is a change in the economy. It is likened to an old dinosaur.


There is life in the tourist industry and the potential for expansion. People are sitting on “jewels” but have got so used to their environment that they don’t see it as something very special. They need to reassess their tourist potential.

A popular international event (like the Soccer World Cup that was held in South Africa in 2010) will take place in South Africa. This event will draw international attention to South Africa and make the world note what the country has to offer. The government will be very wise in its marketing for this event, much wiser than before and will make use of marketing strategies internationally to reach the people of the world.