A good season

A vision was seen of fertile soil being tilled. There will be good rains and moist soil. We believe this coming year there will be a good crop across the board with all sorts of produce.

In a vision a big watermelon being cut was seen. There will be a season of abundance coming for agriculture. The drought will be coming to a very abrupt end. It will be much easier to produce in the coming season. While the last two years have been very tough for farmers, the next year will be much easier when it comes to the production of crops.

A return to the soil

Farming will be revived in areas where big scale farming took place many years ago. Those areas will see a revival of agriculture. Farmers will move back and resurrect farms which were deserted a decade or more ago because of the challenges they faced. A product is being produced in the country which will be in demand in other countries. This product will be made from a very special breed of animal particularly being bred in the country.

A young breed of farmers

We discern many farms changing their borders and boundaries as ownership of farms are changing. Many old farmers are handing over to their own children and relatives such as nephews, which will result in a completely new young breed of farmers. Many of the older generation are actually packing up and moving off the farm, going to live in little towns. They are not moving to the big cities, but just living in smaller towns in order to give the young people some space to carry on with the farm.

A new breed of farmers will be very business savvy. They will not just be skilled in agriculture but running their business very successfully from their offices as well.

In the African and Coloured communities there will be a new trend towards communal living, where five or six families will live together on a farm sharing the work.

In the old days, the farmers were coming together at the co-op and buying their vegetables, meat products and other groceries there. Communities will again develop their own farmer’s markets as supermarket alternatives. They will even little restaurants and coffee shops there, drawing a lot of people. In this way, the people in rural areas will have gathering places from where they can build in the spirit of community. These places will draw young and old farmers. Even sheds on farms will be doubling up as meeting places. Products like honey, milk and cheese will be sold straight from their farms and people will enjoy going and tasting the fresh products and buy jam and chutney and all that the farmers offer at a very good price.

Ministry on farms

We will see farmers pushing the tractors to the side and bringing people together on their farm, inviting a preacher to minister to the people. Similar to the Angus Buchan events these gatherings will take place big and small farms alike. Farmers are coming together and having services and revivals on the farm. Similar to the movements of the 1920’s and 1930’s which was called “the saw dust trail”. God is raising up people to travel from farm to farm and actually stir up farmers and people on the farms to bring revival again in the rural areas.

Advances in farming equipment

A new type of tractor is being developed for farming. Farmers are coming together to admire it.

There is also an issue coming up regarding some fertilizer. This commonly used fertilizer has been giving some problems and subsequently many farmers will be going back to organic fertilizer, using chicken and cattle manure. They will prefer to mix their soil with their own organic fertilizers in order to avoid those problems that will arise with the conventional product.

African origin

The borders of Africa will become more protective against the dumping of agricultural produce in Africa. African produce will be preferred and promoted. A strong stance will be taken against genetically modified seeds and agricultural chemicals. A new interest in pure breeds of animals will occur in the farming industry. There will be many discussions about original races and the benefits that have been lost specifically about original African races and their benefit. Through geneticist, breeders some old, pure breeds will be rediscovered and brought back for the beneficial attributes of these animals. These discoveries will open up the way into the future of new crossbreeds that will be better adapted to the African environment and will bring better quality to the African table. It is like a pendulum swing going from lots of cross breeding back to pure breeds and almost an over emphasis on pure breeds, which is only a preparation for a new foundation from which new cross breeding can start taking place. Through new combinations, there will be a completely new spectrum of possibilities for produce on the table. Better quality will be the result, which will be of great benefit to the entire agricultural industry.

Agriculture and government

There will be a new level of trust and respect between farmers and the government. There will be a change of agricultural minister who will be replaced with a person with more respect for farmers. Under the new minister’s leadership farmers are not going to have the fear of their farms been taken. The mindset of this man will be one of understanding the need to feed the nation and that by seizing farms there is the possibility of creating a situation like the food shortages in Zimbabwe. The new minister will have the foresight and education to prevent this.

Circular farming

There will be community based circular farming, which will become a new way of farming. There is a circle looking like a cake that has been cut into quarters. It will be managed from the center, which will contain housing and training centers. With specific expertise the land will be used in quarters. Each quarter has a different kind of crop growing on it. Crops will be rotated to keep the ground fertile and rich. Many farms will focus on some kind of crop rotation making good use of new research in this area. The future will see these circular farms with the estate, community or even little towns in the middle and the different fields of crops surrounding them.

Crops changing

Farmers will cooperate and advise each other on planting different kind of plants. They will start experimenting with different methods and plants. Certain areas of the forestry industry will need to be relooked and attention needs to be given to it. If this is not done, a shortage of produce will be experienced.

The recent drought had a huge influence on the choice of crops planted. Farmers are looking at new ways of ensuring successful crops and are pulling in scientist who are doing research in this field. Eventually the kinds of crops planted will be optimized for the specific terrain and climate so that farmers are going to use less land but produce more per square hectare.

Cross border endeavors

South African producers will start taking hands with producers in neighboring countries to the benefit of both. Agricultural businesses cooperate across borders and become very profitable. Agricultural produce will start to flow freely between the SADC countries. Food production will become a very attractive field again in the coming season. The younger generation will be motivated to go into this line of work and so a new generation of agriculturists will stand up.

Drought stricken pockets

There will be pockets of dry areas where the current drought will linger a little bit longer but it will eventually fade away. There are people who have wells that are up to 300 meters deep and they are considering selling their farms because of water shortage. God is saying they should not sell but too hold on a bit longer because the underground water levels in those areas will rise again.

Tourism on farms

Eco-tourism is picking up. There will be resurgence in the love for nature and the outdoors. People have the desire to be out in the nature, and because of that, a new level of adventure farming will be developed. People will be farming with livestock, sheep, cattle, having crops like maize on their farm, will also branch out and build guesthouses and holiday homes on their property. These will be rented out for people to come from the city in order to be refreshed in the countryside. Often enough the city has become claustrophobic and people just want to go back to the land. Many people will be visiting farms and seek to experience some farm life and do farm related activities like riding on a wagon.

This will result in a greater esteem for farmers, especially as people are exposed to commercial farmers who feed the nation.

There will be an increased appreciation for the Winelands in South Africa. The wine growers have a major impact in the economy in South Africa, they are often bragged about.

Equipping in agriculture

Training that is a lot more formal will happen in agriculture. This will result in an increase of proper qualifications in farming which will change the farming community and the agriculture culture in our nation.

Fire danger

In the northern regions of the country extreme heat and fires are a recurring threat. Measures will have to be put into place to prevent fires from causing much destruction in that area.

Fish farms

Farmers have done fish farming in the past, which was not always successful. People will be starting out little dams and small-scale fish farms on their farms. They will add a new dimension from producing to packaging and selling the product straight off the farm. In the past fish farms often supplied to a bigger chain, but in the coming season they have decided to sell their own produce in their own farm shops.

Food security

The coming phase will see a lot of questioning on many levels, from farm level up to government, from land ownership to choice of crops in order to increase the viability of farming efforts. Farmers will be evaluated in view of the nation’s actual needs. Topics of discussion will be how much land will be allocated to the commercial farmer and how to re-kindle subsistence farming in existing rural communities. Some blue prints done in the past dealing with food security will have to be re-looked; these plans do exist but were not executed. They will have to be adjusted and put into practical application. Pride in agricultural and rural work will be restored. A new sense of stewardship of the land instead of exploitation of the ground will be instilled. Farmers need to re-evaluate their way of doing things and not simply keep on doing business the same old way generations before them have been doing it. Farmers will re-evaluate what to plant and how they plant. The coming season will see much trimming down of ineffective ways and things that work. It is a season of evaluation and necessary adjustment.

Re-canting of some issues will happen on governmental level in order to ensure food security. Many of the axe’s which were hanging like threats over farmer’s heads, especially regarding land claims, will be eased off. Food security will take centre stage, not just in our nation but internationally, and South Africa’s role in the SADEC countries will become a determining factor to help ensure food security for other nations around us as well.

Game farming

Game farming will gain greater recognition and exposure in the nation. Pride is taken in game farming which is a very prestigious branch of farming. A lot of people that says that the prospects in game farming have reached a limit while in fact game farmers have just begun exploring opportunities within this nation and the continent. One of our great export products into the continent of Africa will be the teaching of managerial skills. People with expertise in working with game will begin from next year onwards to share their knowledge with other African nations seeking to improve and restore tourism to their nations. South Africans are very skilled and experienced in this field and there will be many opportunities in the area of “intellectual export” and the teaching of field specific skills.


Gardening will become increasingly popular. Even small available patches of land will be cultivated. Land that was lying dormant and did not bring any yield will be planted on again and bring good harvests which will astonish many.

Horse breeding

Horse breeding is facing some severe challenges because of inbreeding. New blood is coming in, horses are being brought in from unusual places and they will start new lineages. Some of the genetic problems concern horses born crippled and with further physical problems. They are not performing well and do not have staying power, often not ready to race. In South Africa, a lot of effort and money is being put into this. Eventually this big investment will pay out and South African horses will be popular and internationally sought after. South Africa, especially the Natal area, will be an internationally renowned place for excellent horse breeds.

New crop regions

Crops will be planted and land will be developed in areas of South Africa that have never had any crops. New types of crops that have not been productive before in SA will increase; the production of artichokes is starting in SA. Drop irrigation in arid areas of SA will become prevalent and Israeli technology will be used. Unearthing of great underground water resources will open up arid areas for farming. Responsible, ecologically sensitive farming will take place that will get international attention. The quality of produce will be excellent in these new and formerly arid areas and it will be exported internationally.

Organic farming

A lot more finance is being pumped into the organic farming industry of South Africa.

Renewal of passion

The northern parts of the country have literally been very dusty. In a vision a wind was seem that came and blew all the dust off. There is a renewal of passion happening in the hearts of the farmers themselves. Farming communities, which have been in decline, will receive new inspiration from the Lord. Where previously communities and farmers did not come together to do things collectively anymore will be inspired to meet up again and encourage one another. These farming communities will be strengthened and even see their children coming back from the foreign nations they had moved to. As they are returning there will be a new fire as people start to regain hope and vision in the agricultural industry.

Restoration of honor

The Lord is going to redeem and restore the honor of farmers. God is going to use the media to speak out and bring true statistics and figures correcting some misconceptions about farming. A lot views will shift when the truth will become known.

A change will happen to the way farming is perceived in the country. Farming will be made to look much more attractive than it has been before. There will be even huge billboards and other initiatives to improve the image of agriculture and promote a positive mindset towards farming. Some adverts will make farming look cool and encourage more young people to go into farming than ever before. A lot of energy is being put into these positive image campaigns and they will be fruitful.

Simplified solutions

A bug will be attacking some trees. It will not be after the fruit but harm the tree itself. People will try to combat it using different pesticides in order to save the trees. In the end there will be a rather simple solution known in the past that will be used again to clear the bugs on those trees. This might refer to plantation trees like the banana tree.

The Church and the farming community

Farmers are taking hands with the church. There is a season coming where they need more advice and guidance from God. Churches and farmers will encourage and uplift one another. People are coming to church with potatoes or tomatoes; bring fruits and part of their crops onto God’s house in exchanges for guidance and prayer from the communities.

The Farmhouse

A new franchise is coming up in SA similar to the Food Lovers Market. They will specialize exclusively in organic fruit and vegetables and other products coming directly from the farm. The farmhouse will serve a niche market and offer a new spectrum of products. Not unlike little farm stalls in beautiful areas selling fresh produce this will be a franchise across the nation offering a reliable quality of organic products directly from the farm.

The right balance

God is warning farmers to keep an eye on maintaining a healthy balance planning the crops they plant as to not over stimulate the market in one area and create a lack in another area. Farmers are responsible to watch the market and maintain a stable supply of goods.

Trade deal going sour

An Angola trade deal involving chicken farming is possibly failing. Angolan chicken farmers raising up against this deal, which they fear, will be harmful to their existence. Those doors are being closed and there will be a lot more chicken farming happening locally.

Weather patterns & flooding

Strange weather patterns will occur in the next season, unusual rain patterns will occur, an unusual cold period will occur in the summer, and we will see unusually hot weather in autumn and spring. There will be big downpours over a short period and then sunshine will occur. Prevention against erosion due to flooding is very important in this season. Great floods and heavy amounts of rain can be expected in otherwise arid areas of South Africa. Similar to the Laingsburg flood of 1981, this season will bring some floods. Low-lying areas in Johannesburg will be severely affected.

A low-lying town, likely in the Cape, is going to be flooded. The surrounding river will be swelling up flooding the whole town. This tragedy can be reduced if people pray and prepare.