There is a very big, dark cloud over Lesotho dissipating in the sun. God is addressing the hopelessness of the people, and a depressive system will end. There is a focus on leadership in Lesotho. A big change is coming in the system of governance in Lesotho; people will take their own initiative instead of waiting for outside influences. The spirit that held the people’s minds captive and passive like a dark cloud over their heads will be addressed. The Lord will be giving leaders great wisdom to take the right steps to change that structure.

There is an emphasis on government. In a vision, a beautiful building was being built. As the building was coming up the person, overseeing the building site stopped the process and demanded that part of it be demolished again because it did not fit in with the design. God is saying that He is in a process with the current government of Lesotho, He is busy building it and He has a specific design planned for the government which He wants to see established in Lesotho. During this process, which will take some time, certain demolition is going to occur. It is not about destruction; however, He needs a particular standard and His design must come forth in the year that is coming. There will be a demolition leaving some people unhappy, there will be verbal conflict, but that will not stop the change that needs to take place so that the building, which is the government, will take on the design God intended.

A vision was seen of Lesotho’s military standing while their old uniform was taken away and a new uniform was given to them. God is saying that Lesotho’s military is going to receive a special kind of assistance from another nation. It will be provided with specials arms, special equipment, and special training to further strengthen them and improve their skills. The military will be completely redressed.