There is a season coming where poets will be prominent. There will be poetry in many forms, including music. This poetry will not be like the material taught at school – it will be really exciting, with a true African flavour. Nuggets of this nation will be on display whether in the rural areas, the townships or in the suburbs. Poets have long been waiting for this season.

Dreams fulfilled

A time is coming in the next years where the dreams and visions that many of artists and actors in the film and entertainment industry, even the dreams of those that have passed on, are going to come to fruition.

Increased use of the arts

There will be an increase of the use of the arts, which will speak to the core of the nation and carry greater inspiring and accurate messages than the news media will carry. The major visions that people had for South Africa and gave up on are something God wants to bring about.

The South African film industry

An upsurge in quality and great momentum will occur in the South African film industry, causing exponential growth in the next year.

The industry will focus increasingly on serving the different language and cultural markets in the country with tailor-made movies. Many more African language movies will be produced and will receive local and international acclaim.

These movies will be sold overseas. The product will be of high quality and will gain great interest on the international market.

An increasing number of documentaries about the positive aspects of the nation will be produced. Exposure and recognition will be given to the great work of charities, old age homes and feeding schemes. These documentaries will be distributed internationally. Nations will see the good things South Africa has to offer.

Finances, politics and entertainment

Artists currently struggle financially, giving up on their art careers and choosing other occupations to make a living. A vision of a depleted purse was seen. Every area of arts and entertainment is running on minute budgets. Funds that were allocated towards the performing arts, like ballet and opera, were misappropriated; therefore, there is not enough money left to promote them.

Patrons do not have money to attend shows. Sponsors are rare. Once again, the private sector will have to step in and help financially. They will also bring international performers to South Africa to bridge the gap.

Many performances and shows were used to push political points, alienating the paying public. Artists will start to perform because of their love to entertain again.

Ballroom dancing

The world of dance, specifically ballroom, will boom. We will have champion ballroom dancers in South Africa who will receive international attention.

New songs

Many new songs in music and from films were seen that are culturally orientated, and not copied but original and authentic. These songs and films will become known worldwide, and artists will be invited for seasons to perform in other countries.

Investment coming

The great demand for culture, arts and entertainment, and not just the most popular forms of art, will increase amongst the population, although government will not necessarily increase its support for the arts in the country.

The financial viability within the arts and entertainment sector will cause many more companies to invest in the arts. New music festivals, art shows and exhibitions will flourish. Big business will sponsor many of these events. Many new events will receive international attention and become annual occurrences that will start to draw international tourists, like the Comrades would attract international guests.

Arts and television

An arts and culture channel focusing mainly on these subjects and broadcasting live culture and arts events will be created on television.

Arts and cultural heritage

A new initiative to introduce the public to the cultural heritages of the different people groups in South Africa will become well known and cause a new pride in the heritages of the local tribes. The younger generation will start to revisit their heritage and incorporate it into their lives and their expression in music, clothing, and arts. This will be the start of a whole new South African identity and pride that will come forth amongst the younger generation, signalling greater hope for the future. A great spirit of innovation and convergence of different media and technologies will take place, creating amazing new styles and forms of art.