The pacific islands, Australia and New Zealand have strong bonds that are going to strengthen even more. There is an admiration within the Australian and New Zealand population for the Pacific Island citizens and these guys are gospel power houses. The Lord has raised them up for a special task. The people from these small insignificant islands will sweep across these nations with the power of the gospel. They have been especially designed by the Lord in this way to be able to influence these nations. It is not going to be a little trickle, but it is going to be a tsunami that will continually wash over them. I see these Islanders already having a vision and mission in their hearts as far as Australia and New Zealand are concerned. It is a massive vision and mission that will affect every single corner of these nations.

Gospel giants

The Lord speaks about Australia and New Zealand as a slumbering giant in terms of Christianity and the gospel. There are far too few Australians on the mission field as the Australians somehow stayed confined to their own nations, not entering the mission field. In the coming year God is going to start addressing this and we will start seeing Australians on the mission field where we haven’t seen them before. We are going to see their impact on pioneering. It is going to be coarse and rough but it is going to be effective. This is because they are an essentially strong nation and God is going to use that to open up areas that nobody else can open. They need to heed this call to mission.

Youth movement

In the coming years we will see a new, strong youth movement which is coming up in the churches of Australia and New Zealand, with new music coming from the youth. A new group of young, trained youth ministers are coming to the front that has been exposed to bible training and the ministry since childhood. Some of them are 18 now and others are even younger. God is calling and releasing them into the ministry. They know what they are doing and God has planted knowledge in them. Other countries will be able to learn a lot from Australia by the way youth ministry is done.

A vision was seen of a lot of youth missionaries going out of Australia to other areas and universities. Some people in the business sector in Australia and even in New Zealand will sponsor some of these students to study in other countries in order to go and do missionary work.


In the coming year there is going to be a sense of economic doom for Australia and New Zealand as things are not working out the way they should. A degree of fear will grip the nation because the economy is not lighting up again, but it is going to be very short lived. There will be improvement coming again. It is just a dip that they are going to go through. It is a very necessary dip because it is going to make the nation, the whole industry and the people take stock as to where they are going. Then, a second wave will let them gather their breath enabling them to move on again. The Lord has sent very creative people to Australia and New Zealand. They have been restricted by the legal system and politics. It is as though this slump in the economy will make them come to the fore again and now the government and legislation will look favourably on them because they now need the new approaches and technology they are bringing in.

Leading well

A warning is spoken to the leaders about the populist movement in Australia and New Zealand; the Lord wants to say to them that He did not put them in position to be popular; He put them there to lead. Even though their perceived leadership season may be very short lived, they must see to it that they stick to the clearly defined mandate that brought their ascend to the leadership podium. They must not worry about the persecution and the popular opinion which will remove them from their seats. They are there to do their job. Get done what must be done; it won’t be easy; it is not something that will be popular. It is something that needs to be done for the good of the entire community and even the entire nations that they are serving.