Australia a haven

Australia has been a haven for a long time for many people from all over the world. There has been a constant influx of people to the nation.

Stricter policies will limit people coming to Australia.

Australia and New Zealand have become very hard-hearted spiritually. They don’t believe much in God. They seem to regard people as equal, but people of the northern Asian regions are looked down upon as only useful for menial labour. Many of the north-eastern Asians will take up high positions as scientists, professors and deans of universities. Their status as immigrants will change. It will be a five-year period before this will be visible.


There will be a drought in Australia’s southwestern side, which will put food security under tremendous pressure. Where they were supplying to other countries, they will have to stop to produce enough for themselves.

Church refreshed

A refreshing is coming to the church of Australia. A wave will be coming, starting from the top down, and changing the country’s whole church culture.

Law enforcement

Other nations will use the Australian model of policing. They will send people to other nations to teach them because they have good systems in place.


There is frustration among Australian citizens due to the influx of Chinese into the nation. Their increasing influence and control of business and industry is the cause of this frustration. The government has noted the challenges this has caused, and more stringent immigration controls will be put in place, making it more difficult for foreigners to settle and establish themselves in the country. Tensions will arise between China and Australia but will subside in a short while.

Australia is applying an excellent immigration policy. This will attract people with skills to build and lift the nation while keeping out the bad elements such as human traffickers. What they have done right is to get the total buy-in from the law-enforcement agencies in the country. This includes authorities in immigration to the local policemen on the beat. They have a real heart to look after the nation. This is something that they can be proud of and be commended for.


The influx of foreigners buying a property in Australia and New Zealand will cause legislation to be brought in to keep foreigners from buying property. They want to take back the soil. There is a campaign by the Australians for Australia to be for the Australians.

Weather patterns

There will be severe weather patterns and weather activities in Australia. Severe shaking of the land will occur, and a piece of the land was seen breaking off Australia: the top tip of the land near Papua New Guinea.

The leaders in this nation feel that they have everything under control, but they are on shaky ground. Things are not as perfect as they seem.