A lot more minerals will be discovered in Botswana. There are many jewels to be found above and below the ground, the discovery of which will cause a boom in the mining industry.

Botswana’s government will start developing a much stronger voice; in the past, the government was often rather soft-spoken and lenient. It will start taking a much stronger stance against organizations and countries that have abused their goodwill. The government will demand accountability from these countries and groupings as well as from foreign investors. There will be a higher emphasis on requirements and regulations. The government will increase control of how companies adhere to these regulations, companies coming in from abroad will receive increased scrutiny on how they function, manage and run their businesses.

Great water resources will be revealed in Botswana for the benefit of the country. This will open up a completely new economy and be a blessing not just in agriculture but also in Botswana industries. Scarcely populated and formerly insignificant areas in Botswana will become a hub because of water resources discovery.

Conflict will arise in government because of misuse of funds, and political factions will accuse one another. This will cause instability in politics and might seem like a regime change. Those that have been in charge for a long time will be overthrown, but that will not happen soon.