Game reserve under attack

A prominent game reserve that provides a large income for the country will come under attack. Poachers will target the game. Government is warned to increase its security. If proper measures are put in place, it will be a victory for the country, and many will be arrested.

Over-population of animals, mainly elephants, was seen in the reserves. Due to a lack of feed and water, these animals will be culled. This will preserve the resources which are left.

Mines closing down

There will be mines in the country that will close down. This will bring tough times, and the government will have to make provision for the people who lose their jobs. Those in power need to prepare and plan for what is coming.

Unusual prosperity

Unusual supernatural prosperity will come to Botswana. To the natural eye, it doesn’t look that way, but behind the scenes, in the business field, there are many people with excellent business plans and ideas.

A picture of an orchard was seen with much fruit and a large crop. It is a time of fruitfulness for the nation.

Botswana university

There is a person that has the vision to build a university in Botswana. It will start small, but it will become known throughout Africa because of its excellence. This vision is from the Lord. And the person with the vision is encouraged to do it.

Technological education

A different kind of person is arising in Botswana in terms of education. There will be a great resurgence in terms of technology. Men and women with a great education in technology will arise. Botswana will be raised as a nation to be watched in this field.


There has been an Aids epidemic in the nation. The current president will place great emphasis on the building of hospitals. Many South African nurses will volunteer and be welcomed in the nation, which will promote growth in the medical field and hospitals.

Sub-Saharan relationships

The finance minister of Botswana will connect with South Africa. This will seem like a problem, but it will be beneficial for South Africa and Botswana.

A change will occur in the relationship between Botswana and Zimbabwe. A new leader will arise in Zimbabwe. Leaders of the two countries will get together and facilitate the growth of their nations.

Reshuffling in government

A reshuffle will take place in the government. Leaders will be moving from one position to another. This will cause a period of unease with the public, but it will be good for the nation.

A new political party

A new political group will form. There is a call to prayer regarding this development.

A haven

Botswana is a haven. It is becoming a centre where businesses can invest. If you haven’t invested in Botswana, it’s almost too late. Although it is still possible to invest in Botswana, the time frame for investing profitably is shrinking.


Travel, importing and exporting between Botswana and South Africa will increase. The borders will become busier because of investment and business.

Government vs international business

Government problems with international companies (like Chinese companies) doing a bad job while supposedly investing in the country will cause those in authority to shut down certain operations. Investigations will take place into the abuse and bad work of these companies. The government will institute new regulations to manage this problem. These new measures will become an example for other African countries in handling the abusive behaviour of international companies and investors.

Agricultural revolution

A revolution is taking place in the agricultural sector. New methods of cultivation and the discovery of water resources will cause Botswana to bloom. Greater food security will take place. Botswana will even start exporting some of its produce to countries like South Africa and Namibia.