Business strategy

The whole design of the white monopoly capital debacle and propaganda was to bring the economy to its knees for an easy takeover. This has been thwarted because common sense prevailed. Business people need to put more hope in what they can achieve in this nation. Businesses need to have a strategy for this season and not just plod through. Those that don’t get fazed by what’s happening around them will be highly successful, irrespective of their composition or how they do their business. The important thing is get on with business on a daily basis.

Investment returning

The financial markets are quiet, but there is a stream of investment returning to the country. There is an interest in South African markets and investments. The upward curve will grow slowly as people expect the demise on the political scene. The political scene has far less effect on these business people than what everyone thinks. They look at true investments and value. In this nation, there is much still to be invested in. Many investors will capitalise on the political chaos, expecting to get bargains. People should not sell their businesses or climb out of business in a reactionary way because they are fearful – they need to really hear from the Lord.

Investment outside of the country is waiting. South Africa will have a solid relationship in the years ahead with the United States, and South Africa will be raised up as one of the leading lion nations of Africa in the years to come.

Investment will be returning to the mining industry. Currently, everyone is in a ‘hands-off’ position, but the prices of gold and platinum will be restored. The dip that has come is reaching bottom; it won’t go deeper and commodity prices in terms of gold and precious metals will be restored.

A word has gone out to be careful and not to invest in South Africa but to look abroad to invest money. This season is coming to an end and people will have to be careful not to leave their money in other countries because there will be a greater yield in our own country by 2018.

The Lord will put a stop to the outflow of money from this country. Many businessmen will be coming from overseas and there will be interest in South Africa as a main hub, with Cape Town specifically as a major investment area.

Financial investment is mostly going into buildings, such as blocks of flats and small homes. Builders’ perspective of homes has changed. Everything has become smaller and although many properties will remain empty and unoccupied for a while, they will settle into themselves over the next two or three years, and then we will again have an accommodation shortage.