Church in Canada

The church in Canada is growing and sets an example in humanity for others to follow. Many leaders and people in government are Christians. Pastors in business follow Biblical principles that are a testimony to many. A strong teaching anointing will become visible all across churches in Canada. Miracles in the church will draw the attention of other nations. A strong prophetic ministry will be experienced. Training in the prophetic as well as prophets will rise out of Canada like never before. The church must intercede for their leaders (especially for protection for their health).

Canada is producing many high quality Christian musicians that are not yet well known.


Canada is a sleeping giant. They purposefully do not draw a lot of attention to themselves. Their economy and business is unassuming but strong and prosperous. The strong economy will boom even further, attracting Americans with business opportunities. Overlooked and undeveloped areas in that land will see new construction and infrastructure development which will create new economic hubs.

Highly skilled individuals from across the globe will congregate in Canada and boost its economy. A downturn in the US economy will invigorate sectors in Canada. An increasing amount of export products will come from Canada as opposed to the USA. Many of the materials used by US and Mexican companies for the production of goods will come from Canada.

Blackberry will launch a new innovative product that will revolutionise the business arena and cause the company to be recognised again.

Tourism will increase in Canada due to the popularity of their holiday resorts and eco-tourism.

Closeness will develop between the French and English speaking cultures which will spearhead development and create a flurry of economic resilience.

Medical Advances Medical advances will be coming from Canada in the next year. Less invasive and simplified treatments will be invented in areas such as heart and eye operations.


Although great economic advantage will be gained from the energy sector in Canada, there are fears of a recession in the economy due to its reliance on oil exports to the US. Stimulation of the economy will not come from the oil sector but from new mines. A mineral in a mountain will be discovered which will catapult them ahead in the technology surrounding this mineral group.

Canada will import new technologies in mining that has been successfully used in Russia to be implemented in the mining industry.


Canada has turbulent times on many fronts that will challenge the heart of the nation: Attacks, mental health problems, crop failures, natural fires and floods. This will want to feed a spirit of fear but the total opposite will happen. The nation will bounce back with great solutions. Pressure is placed on the Canadian government to follow the policy changes of the USA. The government, however, will learn from the mistakes of the Americans and institute different policies than those of the US. The military might of Canada is under-estimated. Canada is very proficient in peacekeeping operations and should generally lead these operations. Canada will become very outspoken about atrocities around the world and people will listen.


There will be two natural disasters; an earthquake and a fire in Canada. There will be a threat towards their national parks and wildlife. Security will have to be stepped up. Severe cold weather in certain areas will bring things to a standstill. The activities of a serial killer will be made public. Victims’ bodies will be unearthed. This will cause fear amongst the public and security will be stepped up. International assistance will be requested to hunt down the perpetrator.