A Return to Christ

There has been a major turn away from Christianity over the last ten years in Canada but there will be a specific event taking place like a public mockery of Christ and Christianity which will result in the hearts of the people turning back to the Lord.

Statistics show that in Canada most Christians don’t attend church anymore, but that there will be a return of the hearts of the people back to the Lord. Catholicism has been the strongest faith group in the nation which will start to change. The Lord is drawing people to know Him and not know religion but know Christ.


Economic difficulties will cause the nation to struggle a bit. New developments in the area of medical research will have a great impact on the economy.


The Lord is raising up an intercessory movement. Intercessory groups will start to rise from small churches. It will become the heart of small churches to stand up and pray for the nation.

Heavy Snow

The Lord is warning the nation of Canada against a harsh winter and to be prepared for record levels of snow.