A real change coming in Zimbabwe, which has been expected, but in the next year, something very dramatic is going to happen in the land. It will be similar to what happened in Romania with the dictator Ceausescu and his wife, how they were suddenly just opposed and shot. Something of this kind of nature is going to happen in Zimbabwe, which will really shake the nation.

Zimbabwean workers in South Africa carry much of the SA economy. They are standing in much favor because of the quality of work they deliver. God is going to give back to Zimbabwe because of the South African Diaspora. Many of them will be able to return to their own land, entering into a completely new era. A deposing of Mugabe and his wife will come together with the deposing of Jacob Zuma. The same kind of witchcraft powers are upholding them both and will be disposed of. Zimbabwe will be rising as a new nation and coming into a tremendous unity and cooperation with South Africa in the months and years ahead. South Africa and Zimbabwe will be influencing each other.

We will see people walking the same way they have walked into South Africa actually walking out of South Africa; there are tracks made, as they will start to walk back to their own country. A great amount of Zimbabweans will return to Zimbabwe. When the restoration of the country starts, the economy will grow and stabilize rapidly.

A vision of a ruptured heart was seen. God says about Zimbabwe: “The heart of the nation has ruptured, but I will give you a new heart.” God is about to do something miraculous in Zimbabwe. He is going to take dry bones and literally raise them up. The glory of the nation will be restored to a great place. Zimbabwe will even become a place where a lot of tourists will travel like never before; it will be a traveling destination that people love, that is the kind of glory the Lord is bringing back into the nation.

A vision was seen, a picture of a young girl who had been abused and raped. God is saying to the nation: “This is what the nation of Zimbabwe is like, but I will restore the virginity of this nation.” There will be a change to such an extent that even the nation’s climate will change a lot to become very favorable for the land itself. The amazing change of climate will be published in the news where it will be discussed how climate has changed over the nation of Zimbabwe. Some people in the nation will ask if this could be a sign of God and will ask to understand what God is saying.

Political instability and conflict will escalate to a great change. There will be great threats of civil war and extreme violence, but the threats will not come into fulfillment. Although there will be oppression, arrests and intimidation with some individuals losing their lives in the process, the heart of the people will resist hatred. National pride and unity will conquer.

A new pride of being a Zimbabwean will arise amongst the people. Political parties will no longer divide people; the needs of the people will bring them together across cultural and political lines. The drought in Zimbabwe will be broken.

There will be immense growth and rapid development. Nations will stand amazed at the rapid change happening in this country, which nobody predicted. When this breakthrough happens in Zimbabwe, a complete unlocking is going to take place in the SADEC region and surrounding countries. Gates that were locked for a long time will be opened up, and a flow will start taking place economically; life will start flowing, as it has not been seen for a very long time in the SADEC regions. Therefore, Zimbabwe’s breakthrough is crucial for what God wants to do in the rest of the SADEC countries. God is waiting patiently. Zimbabwe’s changes will jump-start economic development in countries around it that have not seen economic development for quite some time.

There will be a national shut down of the government coming very shortly as the nation collapses. There will be a great retaliation on a tribal level as people fight for control, and the ZANU PF party will collapse in itself overnight. As the regime tries to hold onto power, there is a threat of an Islamic movement coming into power in the nation and taking control through finance. There is a strong Christian base that has and interceded, and because of all the prayers of the people, they will see that this collapse will only be transitional for a few days and then the nation will quickly rise again.

The economic restoration will be so quick that Zimbabwe will start to use their own currency, again instead of the US Dollar. Their own currency will be restored swiftly. The nations are waiting to help Zimbabwe and are ready to give their support as soon as the necessary change is coming. This change will come overnight and will be the starting signal for the nations to come and support Zimbabwe again. There will be a national overnight shut down from one day to the other, which will result in a feeling that winter ended and spring has come abruptly. The people of Zimbabwe will go to sleep in fear and wake up to a different nation, with all the nations of the world-embracing them as people. The IFF many other groups are already prepared in their hearts and minds to intervene and help the nation.

The Lord is giving a warning about racial divides in Zimbabwe. It is crucial that racism on every side and across different racial groups will be dealt with before the coming breakthrough. Arrogance towards other racial groups needs to be dealt with. Mutual acceptance and respect are necessary before the transition can take place. This will put the nation on a good foundation, making sure the past’s attitude and mentalities cannot be carried over into the base of the new Zimbabwe. There are many of the white population in Zimbabwe refusing to let go of their hurt and anger against their fellow Zimbabweans, allowing racism in their heart. God is sending out a warning and saying that they must deal with this attitude; otherwise, it will become deadly cancer in their own hearts. In the new foundation of Zimbabwe, there is no space for racism from any side.