First love

Many charismatic leaders are old and worn out. They have forgotten the original intent of their calling. The only way that they are going to revive themselves is by waiting on the Lord. The responsibilities of keeping the ministry running caused many pastors not to have the time to wait on the Lord. There will come a renewed realisation of their need to spend time with God. He wants to revive them by rekindling their first love. Then revival will spread to the rest of their church. These churches have gone into maintenance mode where people have become inactive and dissatisfied with nowhere else to go. The leaders have fraternised with friends in high level positions and lost their love for the ministry and the people. It is time for these leaders to get back to the things that inspired them originally.

Home groups

God is saying: “Feed My sheep, feed My people”. Some charismatic church members will move out of the church to home churches. God is firstly going to feed the leaders so that they can come to a place where they can lead again. The Lord is using the assistant leaders in the church to feed the sheep in the home groups, in the home cells and in the home churches. This will happen for a season and then God will call the people back. Those who have gone out of the charismatic movement will come back again with new vision and determination. A new connection with the leaders will take place. Some home groups will bring new ideas and a new flavour. This will be seen as the new charismatic.

Letting go

A vision was seen of a big bus with a driver in the bus. The bus represents the charismatic congregation and the driver represents the leader or pastor. This bus started off on a highway where it was able to travel quickly for long distances with high speed. But the charismatic road has changed into a winding road that goes up a mountain pass which is precarious and dangerous. The driver of the bus is holding onto the steering wheel trying very hard to steer the bus. God is saying: “Let go of the steering wheel and fall back in trust and depend and rely on Me”. The moment the driver lets go of the steering wheel the bus leaves the road and starts flying. God says: “I will be in control now. It will not be what you understand through human endeavour and knowledge.” God wants to take control and take the charismatic church to a place where it’s never been before.


There are many charismatic leaders that have become proud and arrogant in what they have accomplished. They have removed themselves from the people and set themselves above others. Because of this the flock cannot associate with their leadership anymore. Pride comes before the fall. God wants these leaders to repent and add themselves once again to the rest of the body. The traditional leaders will become mentors and teachers to the charismatic leaders in humility, serving, and having a heart for the flock.

A show

A vision was seen of pastors on television especially in America where a big X was drawn over them in order to cancel them. There are shows which are doing more harm than good. Christian media is called to be genuine and true and not puffed up.

Moving on

The Charismatic movement is old and needs to move on. How will that be done? Leaders need to connect to those who have moved on but have been rejected. Through the support of the previously rejected pioneers, the entire direction of the charismatic move will be changed and renewed. The Lord wants a new momentum to get people out of stagnation. The process of finding those who have been criticised before will facilitate this.

Release of finance

A Vision of a huge river with a dry riverbed being flooded was seen. The Lord is saying that for those who have been really working and labouring hard there is a great release of finance coming like a mighty river. The Lord is going to enable many churches to carry a lot of projects and other ministries along. Churches will have a big influence in areas where there are great needs.

Refreshing of hearts

The Lord is going to refresh the hearts of His tired people. Many have been pulling and working very hard but have neglected some of the basic principles that brought them to a new life. God is calling us not to bind ourselves to a movement but to bind ourselves to Him. He will renew is from day to day. His mercy is new every morning. Instead of connecting to a movement, we must connect to a God that continually moves. The Lord is saying to the charismatic movement: “I want to move with you, move with Me and do not be bound to what you know as charismatic but be bound to Me and you will be continuously renewed.”

Taking hands

There will be a refocus on leadership and taking of hands. This will produce a different team dimension in team leadership, team strategy and pulpit ministry. Team ministry will increase.

The fire of God

A vision of a huge fire was seen and as the fire subsided, it looked like the fire was extinguished. But the burning embers remained and became prevalent. God will do a secret work in the hearts of the people that will carry a fire across the nation. The Lord has used the leaders to ignite the fires. God will raise up specific people that will still infuse flames but coals are important. The coals still contain warmth and the fire of God. These coals within the hearts of the charismatic people will continue to burn and impact the people.