God’s word to the Chinese church is that they will grow and will see many more signs, wonders and miracles, and supernatural healings. Churches will have supernatural visitations of Jesus in their midst and God’s word for them is “stand strong”.  He is going to visit the church in China.

Concerning the church in China, the believers are on fire for God and really serving God with all their hearts with a mighty move of God taking place in the underground church. God is sending Chinese evangelists in order to revive and stir up the western church, which has become complacent and has left her first love. The Chinese evangelists are sent to really stir up the church to sincerely serve and love God.

Chinese believers

The Christians in China are very sensitive to the Holy Spirit and they are also very courageous.  They are willing to make great sacrifices for the Lord.  The Lord will honour their obedience and the courage that they display. There will be a gradual increase in the church and then suddenly, a release will come, and the church numbers will increase dramatically.

Chemical explosion

An explosion that has something to do with a chemical factory will occur in one of the cities. This chemical factory exports chemicals and the explosion will affect the economy of the whole city.