There have been forays into diplomacy with China. There has been such a wall between Eastern thinking and Western thinking, that the West still does not really have the key for China yet. The Lord will show specific people a subtle way to get into China. The Lord will use the gospel to reach the people. It is the gospel that is going to turn the hearts of the people back to something else besides their own nation and country. They have turned themselves and their nation into a god and they will see that there is another God. Only the gospel can set them free.

People are fearful of going into China with the gospel. There is an innate fear in Christians about China. They do not easily become missionaries to China. The Lord is busy dealing with that in people’s hearts and He is going to divinely call people to China. They are going to do simple things like teach cooking, sewing, English and maths. These simple things will bring the gospel in. They cannot enter China as preachers; they have to go in a practical way, to be able to get the gospel to the Nation. China is a sleeping giant that needs to be woken up and it will not awaken easily. Billboards and advertising cannot shout about this need to turn. It needs to be subtle and will take many years.

The nation has given the illusion of change from its strong communist roots but in this next year will show a strong return to its communist roots. Behind the scenes some of the leaders have been holding the reigns across the nation and that will be exposed in the next year. China will return to its communist roots strongly. There is an open door for the gospel to come in, although the Holy Spirit has moved across the nation a lot of wisdom is needed not to create a feeling of threat. People involved in missionary work in China have to be very sensitive in how they handle these matters especially in regards to diplomatic documentation.

Chinese economy

China is still going remain closed; they are not going to give us a glimpse into what is going on inside the nation. They will continue to be a force to be reckoned with. They are involved in many different arenas like mining and export. The Chinese nation are involved in a broad range of industries and nations around the world (cantering on export), neglecting their own people. In the push to export and bring money into the country to build infrastructure they have lost focus of providing for their own people. The money they receive for infrastructure is not been used for what it is gathered in for. They are taking the actual money and are reinvesting it because they want to do something big. It is something in terms of the space race. They are busy building something big and unique in China.

In 2014 China will see more dissatisfaction from the people towards their conditions and government. International media attention around these issues will also increase. It will seem like the people of China are getting a stronger voice. The Chinese government will also take more heed of the people’s complaints. The government will, however, attempt to strengthen their control over the people, but it will have a reverse reaction as to what they expected. Corruption in the government will be exposed even more. An uncertainty in international relations will take place. Human rights complaints will increase against the government that will cause strive and discussion in and amongst countries. Many more people will stream out of the borders of China because of desperation for more; it will be a hunger for truth and significance that will drive these people. Big contracts that China had with importers will be cancelled.

There will be sort of a tremor in the economy and it is almost as if it is going to give people a shock, but it is not too serious, it is going to be like a wakeup call to the rest of the world, that the economy of China is not as strong and stable as everyone thinks.