Norway is technologically advanced with a strong skill-set in this industry. Big corporations are not needed for them to develop innovative ideas that can be marketed worldwide. They will encounter economic difficulties that will be kept quiet. There’s a lot of uncertainty about the prospects of economic growth.

Most young people leave the country to work elsewhere, leaving behind an elderly population that has no-one to mentor in order to replace them at retirement. Skills and abilities are lost in the Norwegian workplace because of this.

The design industry has stalled for a while but Norwegians are becoming creative again. They will find their inspiration from the Great Creator.

The use of ferries and other means of water transport are commonplace and a vital part of transport in the nation. The current ferries in use are outdated and need to be replaced. A near calamity will occur on a ferry as it is about to leave the dock. This will focus attention on the need for more trustworthy transport.

The liberal stance of the people has created complex issues within relationship, marriage and the family unit. These issues are placing a further burden on society.

Norway has strong Word-based churches with a strong sense of family and community that creates an atmosphere for physical healing and restoration of people’s hearts.


Young people in Sweden, who are currently living in cities, will move to the country side in search of a simpler life.


There will be a great hunger for the Lord in Denmark. A significant revival will take place and a lot of people will come to the Lord. The entire nation is stretching out its hand and seeking Him, more than it has in the past.

Political parties and groupings that have had a lot of influence and power over a long period of time will experience a shake-up that will change the status quo in the future. Immigration will become a very important issue in Denmark.

A vision was seen of shopping trolleys of immigrants being taken away. A clamp down on expenditure on refugees and immigrants will happen. The Danish Krone, will strengthen against the Euro.


Finland is, and in the future will continue to be, known for its innovation and as a breeding ground for new IT technologies. More investment will flow to this sector. The younger generation is very positive about their future in their country. The mind-set of the youth is geared for opportunities presented to them. Not many will immigrate to find jobs elsewhere. A high level of satisfaction and job opportunities were seen.

A new Finish company will become internationally known, like Nokia did in the past, and will be very successful.