American trends

The world seems to follow trends emanating from America. In the season to come, a clear divide will take place between the following of American trends versus the trends followed by other parts of the world. The enforcement of the acceptance of gay marriage and gender change applauded in media, as well as the decline of morality in entertainment, is bringing many countries in the world to a place where they will no longer accept what comes from America by default.

America will start to marginalise themselves internationally in their stances regarding certain subjects. Politicians propagating these issues in the international arena will be embarrassed by the lack of agreement and response from other countries’ officials (similar to what happened in Kenya during President Obama’s visit in 2015).

Self-sustaining communities

Financial crash

The current world and financial system is not sustainable. The collapse of the system is imminent. Before this system can collapse, an alternative has to be put into place. The time for putting the alternative forth to the world is close. This new system will look good and give people hope. It will be implemented gradually but will not advance or be popular. Many will still hold on to the old system and put their hope in it. In the future the world system will be in disarray. It is then that the alternative that has already been put forth will be presented as the answer.

Everybody will grab onto the new system with great gusto. They will, however, have to sacrifice many of their own freedoms to be able to become part of this system. This is where the turning point will come and the great divide will start to happen: Those who are totally co-dependent on the system will have no other choice but to submit to it.

Those who have prepared themselves and have come into community and learned the importance of living self-sufficiently will be the ones that will stay independent.

Community living

With regard to community living, five words are important: develop, create, survive, overcome and prosper. God wants to warn His children that it’s time to put their Christianity into practice. It’s time for community. Community living will be the safe way to prepare oneself for what is coming. We need to be self-sustainable. Arable land is important. It’s time to move back to the countryside and re-familiarise oneself with farming and living off the ground. This entails a simpler lifestyle that is not so dependent on modern conveniences and networks.

People will return to more primitive ways like wood-oven stoves, livestock and vegetable gardens in the backyard, own water sources and the simplicity of the old farming days. This will not only happen in Christian circles, but everywhere. People will come together in lifestyle estates and in small groups, developing certain areas for themselves. Lifestyle communities will expand and grow into self-sufficient and sustainable communities.

The sooner we start functioning in synergism with one another, the sooner we will come into the realm of abundance. If we wait until we are forced into community for our survival, the result will just be survival. Technology God will inspire Christians through dreams and visions to develop a digital system or platform that can be utilised by communities that live far from economic centres.

The pope

The Pope has hidden agendas behind initiatives he is involved with. These initiatives will, however, not be successful but fall apart and cause many nations to remove their support for him.