Infighting continues

The words ‘war, war, war’ was seen. There is much fighting amongst the rebel groups. God wants to address the animal spirit connected to the idea of the survival of the fittest. It’s all fight and kill or be killed. There is a call to intercessors to pray for the DRC because of the conflict.

The DRC will become known in the next few years for its political infighting and instability. The election will continuously be delayed.

Turn back to God

There is a call to the DRC to turn back to God. God is busy turning the heart of a specific rebel leader who was constantly fighting; his heart is changing, and he will begin to fight for the people and not against the people.

Spiritual abuse

Many churches and religious groups are represented throughout the DRC. Many cults have risen. A vision was seen of people marching through the cities, wearing specific uniforms with a cross and various other symbols, and carrying idols and figurines. There are different spiritual movements in the country, and legislation is needed to prevent people’s misuse and abuse through these cults. Truth needs to be restored to the people.

Pastors and churches were seen to be plundering peoples finances. The people are impoverished, and because of the culture of greed, these pastors are enriching themselves.


This nation is probably the richest nation on the continent, as far as resources go. Unlocking these resources is almost impossible due to the state of the nation. There is a spirit of greed, lust and war. Businesses that want to invest in the DRC should be warned. Only get involved if the Lord says so. Do not go there merely for the potential profit – you will be taken out. Rules and regulations will fluctuate daily, forever changing. This is a dangerous environment. Many endeavours will fail dismally because cognisance was not taken of the spiritual nature of the nation. Tangible results will take many years to develop, if at all.


Many missionaries are going into the country with a great number reaching the furthest areas. A large rally and gathering for prayer will take place.


Much of the nation’s finances are pumped into the military, causing shortages in other areas and poverty.

South African funds are being used to build the military. Zuma and Kabila have a secure connection. Kabila’s office will be protected because he doesn’t want to give up his power base. Citizens will rise in mass demonstrations against the government. Many of the people are supporting the conflict. A terrible war will break out in the nation, particularly in the capital city.

People are arming themselves. There has been silent preparation and genocide taking place. Upfront, everyone says ‘peace, peace,’ but behind the scenes, there has been a great arming and weaponizing within specific people groups and the military. The current leader will hold on to power as long as he can. An uprising will occur during the elections. Mass mobilization of people in the city will happen. Two very strong opposing parties will clash in the streets of the city. International intervention will be necessary. A picture was seen of UNTAG vehicles in the streets.

Pockets of safety

God will create small pockets of safety in the DRC for people to flee to. The southern province of Katanga will be relatively untouched by the wars that will continue in other areas. These safe areas will seem to be a separate country within a country. Missionary areas with many tents and houses with solar panels were seen.


The faction of Kabila will start crumbling. Kabila relies on foreign support and especially powerful leaders from other countries. As this support starts to wane, Kabila will start losing his influence, and his power base will be dismantled.

Within this group, strange diseases and occurrences of people’s lives coming to a sudden and abrupt end will take place that will cause many people to gossip and many to fear what is happening. They will suspect witchcraft being involved.

Many smaller rebel factions will arise during this season in the Congo, making it almost impossible for Kabila to rule and reign any further. These different factions will fight against him and sometimes fight with one another.

These rebel factions will, at some stage, make peace with one another. They will come together at negotiating tables and unify with one purpose in mind: to change the DRC government.

Great upheaval will continue for a considerable time. But it will end. It will seem as though judgement has come to the house of Kabila.