The South African economy behaves similar to a young man with a lot of potential who is swaying back and forth while trying to discover his identity. We feel the Lord saying that over the next a few more years the economy will stabilize and become settled like a mature adult who knows his direction.

The South African economy will rise to great strength again. Current policies about mining and minerals will undergo some drastic changes regarding procedures and dealings in this specific field. The change will be so huge that it will catch the attention of the nation.

Foreign aid

The Lord challenges South Africa in the area of providing aid to other nations as well. God is challenging individuals in South Africa to help other nations in areas of need, to step in and provide relief and assistance. South Africans should no longer refer to local challenges as a reason not to get involved in aiding foreign nations.

A final shaking

A final shaking will happen to get rid of the economic leeches that had a hold of the South African economy for a century. God will not allow a new generation of corrupt leaders to simply replace previous abusers, it will not be a changing of the guard controlling, manipulating and dominating the economy as they have done in the past century. Instead, there will be a complete purge of the spirit that had a hold in the economy. God will start positioning His people in strategic places. This shaking will take place in the next few years, after which a great change will be visible not just in the economy, but in the mindsets and mentality of the local people as well as foreign investors coming to invest in South Africa and the rest of Africa.

A new way

The South African economy is stagnant; everything is on hold for the upcoming season. This will remain so until March/April next year; up to then there will be very little movement evident while in the background there is actually an enormous lot of planning going on.

People with very big ideas are submitting documents to the government with certain plans for specific areas. Many different proposals are handed in of a variety of plans that have been made. Many are just waiting for the right people to be in the right position to implement these ideas because they are unique and new and introduce concepts that have not been done before. It is neither a Western nor an African way, it’s also not a Chinese way but we will see a completely new way that the Lord has revealed.

The Lord showed us young dynamic men and women who are very bold and outspoken getting these ideas and putting them forward. They have prepared their pitch well and put their ideas in writing. Those proposals have been handed to different experts to give their input on and to create a wider support base for their ideas.

Business networking

There is a new form of business networking rising up in the nation which is very community based. These networks are mainly focusing on very poor areas where people are suffering. This new form of business networking will be able to lift communities out of the cycle of poverty and assist them in finding new perspective. As this takes place, the government will face new challenges regarding missing funds. The church needs to pray against any fraud concerning these projects so that funds will not be stolen or channeled into the wrong thing.

Economic centers

There will be centers in the Republic of South Africa where the economy will begin to thrive noticeably. There are even new metros being raised up which will bring a lot of attention to the world and a lot of investment as well.

Economically efficient employment

There will be a lot of violent protest because of the economy. Certain people and organizations will try to dominate and enforce mass employment of uneducated staff in order to try to keep their associates and members happy. The regulatory process will change in South Africa. There will be many court hearings regarding employment and mass employment as the judicial system will try to uphold the legal route in these procedures. At municipal levels, a reshuffling of the government will take place, unnecessary staff, which cannot be afforded, will be let go. Government structures allowing people to employ as many people as possible just to give employment and not to be sufficient will start to change. There will be a shift from an employment driven towards an efficiency driven focus. Unfortunately, this will cause clashes, we will see more mass actions in the streets of Pretoria, and people will burn things and places down. Those protests however are not changing the need for change. Ultimately, the system will have to become efficiency driven; otherwise, companies will have to shut down entirely.

This frugal season we are going into is very important because there has been a severe imbalance and a tendency towards overspending. People in powerful positions were blind to the reality. There will be a realization of how much staff and funds are really needed to run businesses successfully. Businesses that have become staff heavy will make drastic cuts in order to stay profitable. Unemployed people will have to start developing their skill set as well as trusting the Lord to get them through the dry period. This will become prevalent in 2017; be prepared for some tough and difficult decisions regarding employment.

Although less people will be employed in businesses, those employed will be receiving assistance in developing their skills and abilities. Businesses will strive towards creating an environment for growth and development to take place. There will be a mindset shift from staff quantity towards staff quality. There will be a focus on quality investment into the people that are employed to improve the business, investing into the personal development of skills and abilities of the staff will achieve that.

Economic manipulation exposed

A Vision was seen of a dark black bag being brought out in the open. The South African economy has been held captive by manipulation behind the scenes. Underhand agreements have been done in the dark and will be exposed. The negative control over the economy will be revealed which will cause a bit of a down turn and from there investment will be flowing back into the country.

Some of these agreements have hindered economic growth and developments in certain areas. Those involved wanted to benefit themselves and their own agendas. This will become known and their hold will be broken and in the coming year. The media and news will be flooded with economic related happenings.

Entrepreneurial skills

God is releasing entrepreneurial skills in SADEC (Southern African Development Community) countries. Many entrepreneurs will be coming to South Africa to get advice, support, and the investment that they need for their ideas to come into fruition.

In Africa, many are looking to South Africa for entrepreneurial inspiration. Many entrepreneurial ideas will come from other African countries, but South Africa will become the springboard for those entrepreneurial ideas to be developed, funded and taken further.

The private sector in South Africa will get involved in the funding of entrepreneurial ideas; business people will see the opportunities, abilities and possibilities of these ideas.

South Africa will not only be an initiator but a facilitator and an accommodator for the entrepreneurial ideas God is releasing in Southern Africa, many of which will astound the world. This will be a beginning of a new drive to produce locally in Africa, a drive to develop and locally produce technology and many other products that had to previously be imported.


A new strategy in energy generation will become prevalent. Eskom’s stance on Independent Power Generation will soften. This will not be wind-farms and or solar heating, but a different way happening on a small scale and on individual level. People will be able to eventually manage these technologies and turn it into bigger scale ventures. It will start to pop up all over the country and will bring energy into private homes rather than businesses. The business sector will continue to use the Eskom power supply; this new technology is not going to harm the conventional power market.


Exports will increase and South Africa will be exporting new locally produced products, which have not been exported before.

Financial tightening continues

The gap between the rich and the poor is growing wider and people are continuing to feel financial pressure. There is a call to trust in God who will supply above your need. Individuals are called to assist and help the community. God will reward those generous givers with a higher return than what the individuals are giving out.

Because of these difficulties, companies will have to learn to be much more frugal in how they function and do business. This frugal season will bring forth some positive developments regarding streamlining businesses and the creation of new, more effective, business concepts and methods. The pioneers of new methods will be able to teach others. Eventually new methods developed here will be taught in other countries in the world. During this frugal season, God is trimming and pruning businesses in South Africa in order to prepare them for new growth coming in the near future.

Positive news coverage

The press will receive the new business methods growing out of a season of frugal management positively. There are knowledgeable reporters covering economic development who have been waiting for this paradigm shift to happen. Early next year a few are going to start reporting about changes in management and business methods which will result in a positive kick start in many areas of the economy.

Help coming in

A person coming from outside the country will be meeting with leaders of South Africa that are working in the area of finance. This person will provide special wisdom from the Lord and inspire strategies that will really strengthen and help the nation to improve.


Predictions of negative or non-optimistic growth will constantly be voiced in the media resulting in a negative sentiment towards South African economy and South African business, but a surprise breakthrough and turnaround will happen that nobody was expecting.

While some companies from abroad will pull out their investments, opportunities will open up for new investors and new kind of investors. Some of the current investors in South Africa have hawked and dominated certain spaces with deals and collusions that made it impossible for other investors to come into the South African economic niche. Because of the fear of negative growth and the resulting withdrawal of some big players, a new type of investors will be able to come into South Africa who had previously not had that opportunity.

A vision was seen of a coin that was being split in half; the meaning of this was that our income would actually go further than what we thought.
In certain sections of the economy, people are under the impression that funds have run out. A vision was seen of an empty container, but there is a reserve people are not aware of, another container, which has been protected. The right people are looking out for the money, so that there is money available.

In the coming year there will be lot of growth in investments, much finances will be flowing into the economy. There will be specific growth in the areas of construction, building of factories producing a variety of products. Many of the current producers need advisers to assist in getting their products into the markets. This will bring a turnaround in their business.

Islamic influence

There is an underlying Islamic influence in the economy, which is dangerous. It is rising although still behind the scenes. God is warning the church about it. The Lord wants to bring a change here because through the economy Islam is entering the country like a snake. While Pravin Gordon is doing good job at the moment, there is going to be another change to remove that Islamic influence in the nation. Pray fervently and God is going to bring a turnaround.

Keep it simple

Simple is the new clever in the economy. There will be grace for facilitators in the economy, people who are able to generate and practically implement ideas to kick-start the economy. It is as if though they have been held back and kept in the background because nobody saw the need for those facilitators when everything was running smoothly. However, during the coming season there is a real empowerment from the Lord on those people to take simple things and make them a success. Small projects will follow each other quickly.


NGOs will step up the plate and help communities. NGOs are right there in the field doing ground level work; they understand what is going on in the community. There will be a lot more churches that will reach out. Churches are used to give material aid without necessarily physically going and helping in those areas. In the coming season a lot more churches will be helping and assisting with the distribution of food parcels and clothes and the teaching of practical skills. It is through the involvement of churches on ground level that the skill level of the very poor is increasing. Courses in cooking, sewing and proper child rearing will help increase the quality of life in many communities. Hospitals will also be getting involved. A network of nurses is coming together who are going to teach the communities how to do basic medical care skills. They will teach basic first aid like caring for a wound to prevent infection and other necessary health care skills. Knowledge is strength; people who are more skilled will have more confidence in themselves and be prepared for the surge ahead that will come. In 2018, there is going to be a real visible surge in the economy and this is preparation for that. 2017 will see a lot of preparatory groundwork being done for the surge in 2018.


During the coming year large chain stores will be closing some branches in South Africa. There will be a strong focus on the optimizing of staff. These changes will initially have a large impact on employment but in the end will secure many more jobs. Scaling down is not always shutting down; there is wisdom to scale down to the right proportions. Currently things have blown a bit out proportions in some areas; the Lord is giving wisdom in pruning of unnecessary branches.

Rewriting economic policies

There is going to be a rewriting of policies and procedures to be more applicable to South African conditions. Be warned of some resistance, when people want to hold on to a way of doing things like they are used to from the past. Change is not getting rid of that what is good, but a revision of those portions that have become ineffective or even counterproductive.

Safety and security increase

The government is going to increase national safety and security. For the last years safety and security in the nation were on a downhill slope. When the government puts its focus on these areas, it will cause stability in the economy, which will also provide better investment opportunities for foreign countries.


There will be great development of parks and resorts coming on the market. There has been hard work done behind the scenes; people have been planning this for many, many years and it didn’t materialize but at this time everything is falling into place and people prepared to build and create these parks and resorts.

Instead of trying to imitate foreign ways and styles, we should focus on the unique South African flavor, which will provide a different sort of invitation of getting tourists to come to our country.


A change needs to happen, moving from a union type structure to a more performance-oriented structure that God wants to bring about in the nation. As certain metros are taken over by different parties, the unions are rising up and resisting the change. Many demonstrations will take place as unions refuse to give up their powerbase and power structure. A lot of prayer is needed because obviously internationally this will bring a lot of negative attention to the country. Those uprisings threaten to harm the economy, resist them in prayer.


• Some pharmaceutical companies will experience severe financial difficulties in South Africa; some of the larger chains will need some help, as they will be in a difficult spot.
• There is a warning about the spirit of apartheid, a spirit of divisiveness. That spirit has jumped ship and it is very shroud and looking for whomever it may use against other groups and other nations. Therefore, what ethnic group, what color you are is actually of no consequence to it. Leaders should be aware that this is a harmful spirit. In the economy, this divisiveness can keep things back when people are motivated to try to proof a point to other groupings. The church and the intercessors are going to address it and create a spiritual shift, just like in 1994. They are going to address apartheid in economy now again, and they are going to have to talk and get rid of the influence of this spirit because it wants to kill, steal and destroy but the Lord wants to take us into a much more prosperous season. He wants to open our eyes to the potential and to writing procedures and policies that fit into the new vision that He has for us and for a new generation.