Kenya will experience a season of strong economic growth and prosperity. Much trade will take place along the coastline between Kenya, Saudi Arabia, India and Mozambique. There will be heightened activity with pirating, but measures will be put in place to curb the negative effect.

Economic Hub God has earmarked Kenya to be an economic hub in Africa. There is a resurgence in the economy. There will be much investment in the nation, which is why there has been an increase in terrorism; they have become a target. There are many wide-open spaces where the terrorists can hide, and they have spent years preparing their hideouts, getting ready for this season and this time.

God has an economic plan for Kenya and especially for the city of Nairobi. The banks and the Nairobi economy are solid, and it will set the pace for the whole nation. Manufacturing will increase with China wanting to start factories there to produce various products, even a Coca-Cola factory, on the outskirts of Nairobi. The government will allow it, but they will put restrictions in place to promote employment.