A standoff

A standoff between schools, the Department of Education and parents will occur because of exorbitantly high school fees. There has been a hike in school fees, which has caused the parents to become unhappy in their hearts, they do not bear with the difficulties that they have to face with the school anymore, and the high prices for it.

Amalgamated schools

Many smaller schools are closing down and merging into bigger schools. There will be plans to make more lodging and boarding schools available for the children. Initially this will look like a good idea but it will not be received very well. It will rather be better to build more schools in different locations than centralizing and merging into bigger schools.

Community Building Initiatives (CBI Projects)

Companies with CBI projects focusing on schools will host many winter schools. This addition to the government educational program will enhance the level of education. In the past, it was government driven from the top down. Now it will be the other way round. God is sending many people with wisdom to educate the nation through the CBI projects. Retired teachers will be one of the resources they will draw from.

Change of education minister

A change in education minister; both the minister of basic education and tertiary education will bring a new outlook into the nation the way education is viewed. Better education and better resources are necessary to improve weak exam outcomes. Local and national government changes are necessary for a change in education.

The Minister of Education has been seriously blocking new ideas and new people; as soon as she is replaced, there will be a new fresh breeze. It seems that while she is in office she has kept a strong hold, controlling the system, not allowing anything else but her own will. There is a great humiliation lying ahead for the Department of Education that will force a change of minister to take place. As soon as the minister changes the whole environment will experience a transformation. The animosity between the education unions and the department will change. Certain service providers unduly benefitted from the old structure because of corruption. Fraud and corruption will be exposed. As the minister steps out and a new minister is appointed they will be exposed to a level that will cause a shudder that such fraud could have happened in front of their own eyes. This will bring a lot of soberness in the department; it will bring perspective that transformation is necessary.

Churches and education

Regarding churches and schools reaching out to each other, we see churches planning beneficial programs for schools; they are developing systems like a curriculum for schools. This is, however, not necessarily the way to go. The mandate of churches lies in the area of teaching values to the children and developing their character. Worship is going to play a big part in church outreaches to schools. Worship teams and worship leaders need to be made available to go into the schools. Different teams are getting together with worship teams and going into the schools with their program. Christian organizations other than churches and the media will be linked with those churches in order to bring Christian values into the schools. This will not be done under a religious banner but will just be done as a cultural event although the actual mission will be to bring God’s word into schools.

Cooperation will happen between churches and local schools. Teachers are coming to churches asking for help, strategizing together with pastors how to be more effective in the classroom. God is connecting churches to local schools. This is a local level movement not depending on national impulses but local initiatives. Different churches will come together for the benefit of local schools influencing and supporting schools in rural areas as well. The teachers themselves who will reach out will initiate this; it will not be the church going out and getting permission from the headmaster but instead the teachers approaching the churches to do some events at their school.


Corruption the school system in South Africa will be revealed and cause a great outcry in education, business and society. The Department of Education will be placed under great pressure to address the corruption, resulting in them having to cut ties with unhealthy partners and agreements.

There will also be a tendency to introduce American style policies into South African schools that will not be conducive to the South African environment. A lot of conflict will be caused by this and in the end, the American policies that are placed on the South African education system will not bear any fruit.

Direction change

Direction in education will start to take change from theoretical knowledge to practical skills. There is a great need for new training courses that address modern day practical skills. The focus of the courses will not be another degree but rather instilling very practical know how which can be implemented immediately in the working environment.

Education system changing

There were a lot of technical schools and training colleges doing good work in the past. These will be resurrected alongside the whole system change.

A whole work group around education will be coming together to rethink what education in South Africa should look like. Instead of adopting policies from Europe or other countries, these committees will look at the specific needs of South. Too many people are pushed into academic studies and getting degrees in law and economic studies. Some new ideas will receive criticism from high-ranking officials because they have a very rigid view of academic success based on overseas models. A new pioneering system for Africa by Africans will take place. There will be many politicians trying to change things their way but eventually many new ideas will indeed be implemented to the benefit of South African pupils. New courses focusing on skills and personal development will help students successfully fit into the South African workforce after finishing their schooling. Those skills will empower the students to bring their contribution for the betterment of the whole of South Africa and be a positive factor in the economy of the nation.

Elite schools

Elite schools will face increasing scrutiny and criticism. The staff and governing bodies of these elite schools must learn how to deal with this. They are seen as role model for the rest of the nation, setting the bar high. There needs to come an understanding that those schools will forever be a cut above the general standard and it is unrealistic to expect every school in the country to have the same standards. These schools have to keep the bar high and setting examples of excellence in order to pull the education system to a higher standard. Without their leading role, the education system is set to become stagnant.

Employing qualified teachers

The window dressing period will be ending; people filling positions on governmental level in education without proper qualifications will be removed. They will have to be forced out and will not move out willingly. It will become a public discussion acknowledging the lack of qualification in teaching staff, and this will force many teachers not prepared to qualify themselves to resign their position. Expertise of outside contractors will bring in specific training and skill development in education.

Fees must fall

The fees must fall campaign will be rekindled. The disappointment in the government will be worse than before. A lot of intercession will be necessary so that bloodshed would not happen on these campuses. There will be retaliation against this campaign on campus sites, which has the potential to turn into a racial battle. The church needs to pray and bind the spirit of death, a spirit of murder, amongst the students.


Children are losing hope in schools; even at primary level, children are getting more frustrated, arrogant and lax. Many do not believe there is a future for them anymore. Old teachers will be coming back to help with tutoring, linking themselves with schools in their private capacity in order to help students pass their exams and study more successfully.

Home schooling

Home Schooling is going to experience increased growth in the next season. Experienced and successful homeschooling parents who are willing to share their skills and expertise with other interested families will create a movement of support. This movement is going to get much momentum even in poor and squatter camp areas. In places where no one would expect this to get a foothold, this movement will encourage well to do families assisting poorer families in their homeschooling projects and challenges so the whole level of education can be lifted.

Help co-opted

There is a new openness towards bringing in people to change how education is done. Even people who are already on retirement are coming back in to assist in practically improving the education process. Experts will relook the work load children are subjected to, and the load will be lightened. In the rural areas, there will be stricter controls in schools to keep order. Law enforcement will be much more involved in helping to keep schools safe. People from the outside who have a heart for the children and want to make a difference will start publishing reports about those schools.

A Vision was seen of a container of quality book being distributed. These books have been sitting for quite a while in storage not being used but will be taken out and not be wasted. There are people in high government positions who will start trying to make a difference; they will pass down legislation to eventually bring about change for the better.
Infrastructure Sharing

Rival schools will be getting together to share infrastructure and knowledge. Mainstream schools will take inspiration from the home school system are open to learn new ways that have shown great results in homeschooling. Practical teaching and training will see a lot of cooperation across schools.

Intercession needed

There is a factual reason South Africa currently has a very bad reputation. There are people trying to change this but too often, the infrastructure and the levels of authority from the top down are so unorganized that it is rather difficult to find a proper procedure to facilitate the necessary change. The whole education system and our children in it need an enormous amount of intercession. We need to pray for those gifted teachers who are often tempted to leave and are going into business because of better working conditions. There are also far too few male teachers, which is causing the education system to be quite imbalanced. Some male teachers are only in this position because they cannot make it anywhere else but they actually do not have a heart for education. Pray for more male role models in the education system, teachers of integrity and wisdom.

Investment into education

There will be a lot more investment from the business world into education. Businesses will be helping to build schools, particular in rural communities. The strategy of current government seems to keep many people uneducated so that they cannot rise up in society but this is going to change in the days ahead.
Diplomatic missions are getting involved in the schooling system of South Africa. Embassies and consulates of different nations will be funding school events. God has given people from outside South Africa great compassion for South African children. In the years ahead we will see embassies pay for and host school events. Ambassadors will be involved in school functions, which will be beneficial to the school system. There is a grace period coming where we will see a lot of influx of foreign investment into education in South Africa, which comes rather unexpected. Those foreign aids will also happen in universities making bursaries available to people wanting to study.

New innovative ways

A strong wave of innovation ways of bringing education to children will be seen, especially on primary and high school level and in some sectors of tertiary level. There will be innovative technology using media devices and interactive equipment, which will be brought to schools in a huge way, increasing the effectiveness of the education system.


The powerbase in all schools have changed and power has gone to the children and the parents. Leaders in the schools, teachers, principals and the education department are going to pull back this power from the parents and the children because the school needs to be in charge of the education system, not the parents and the children who have been allowed to have too much authority. A healthy balance of authority needs to come back.

Returning to God

In certain communities, a strong sense of religion and Christianity is coming back to schools. Teachers will rise up saying that in the past, when Christianity was taught in schools, there were much better results in the education process. Let us bring faith back to help the children and create a stable learning environment. There will be motions to bring back the Lord’s Prayer and help schools to establish Christian values. Much activity will happen in this regard on university campuses where a strong movement of Christians will rise up. They will face a lot of opposition and will need a lot of prayer.


There is a focus especially from parents and parent bodies on security. There is a call for more security in order to ensure their children’s safety in the school system. We need to pray against troublemakers in the schools. Outside parties are in some instances manipulating children to create conflict for other students. The church needs to stand in prayer against these attempts to bully certain children and to create uprisings. We need to stop these things in the spirit from happening.

Teacher tutoring

There will be some focus on teacher tutoring. Professionals in specializing in effective teaching methods will start to train teachers. The teachers themselves will come together to get equipped to improve the way they educate children in class. They are interested in bettering their teaching skills, and this form of tutoring will be assisting and training them.

Even the unions will bring in specialists in order to tutor teachers. This is specifically helpful in rural areas where the government appointed some teachers regardless of their skills and qualifications that are in big need of tutoring and training.

Some trainers will be coming in from places like the United States; they will be mentors and lecturers well established in their areas of expertise. They will be meeting with teachers and other trainers in order to bring in training and help.

There will be a big focus on in job training coming into the next season. Part time education and training on tertiary level will be developed for working students. Great leniency for those that are studying while working full time will be shown.

There is going to be a shift towards practical training in the school syllabus, especially from grade 10 to 12. Students will get more opportunities to be exposed to practical training in order to gain on the job experience and develop practical skills well before entering the job market.

The Department of Education and the unions will have a very difficult relationship in the coming two years, which will only change when the window dressing period in the education system ends.

Universities under siege

Traditional universities are still going to be under a lot of pressure in the next year, unrealistic demand from political and student actions will cause great stress. The irresponsible demands from these groups will be unmasked and cause the government to take a different stance against these groupings.

The hold of the old guard in education will also be unmasked and there will be a lot of demands for change. It is important not to get swallowed up by the fight among factions and the old guard, great wisdom is needed to deal with the issues and keep issues separately.