Positioning in servanthood is needed to start effectively mentoring the nation. There is a call to the privileged, in terms of skill-level, to find mechanisms to teach people that work with them. This is not just about the formal educational system, but about informal education. There are people in the work place that need to be trained and better equipped in on-the-job skills that the privileged in their proximity are able to teach them. The small, informal local skills training matters. Everyone is called to help educate the nation in some or other small way. It is important to disseminate skills – we cannot just leave this to professional educators.

Revamping of text books

Some of the school text books presently being used in the junior schools are going to change. Due to the constant changes and adjustments to curriculum, teachers are struggling to keep up with what the Department of Education demands of them. Regulations in the department need to be changed. The inconsistent application of these rules should be addressed. Due to these problems, many good teachers are leaving the education environment for other jobs or relocating to other countries.

Wrongly positioned

Many people are struggling in the jobs they chose because they are not qualified for what they are doing. They merely work to survive financially. This leads to inefficiency and frustration from those they serve. Inferior teachers have been employed by high-ranking officials. This practice will be exposed and measures will be put into place to test these teachers and improve their skills.

Financial assistance

In the rural areas, books and materials are not available due to lack of finances. The private sector and international companies will step in to help provide what is needed. People will be appointed to make sure that finances are being appropriated in the right areas and that goods are being received.

Feeding schemes

There is an element of corruption in school feeding schemes that will be exposed. During the term of the next coalition government, teachers’ unions will be removed and weakened. This change will cause a militant stance in these unions and cause great conflict between unions and the government.


A powerful human rights and humanism spirit is arising in universities. This movement will get stronger and stronger as the Christian witness in universities will appear to get weaker. A strong partnership will form between the human rights movement and Muslims. The drive for free education will gain traction if we do not pray. University students striving for free education and wearing Palestinian scarves are noticeably evident. This Muslim influence will become very prominent in the days ahead. We need much prayer for students and universities. We will see many demonstrations for free education, and there is a strong partnership between EFF and this militant Muslim voice. God will awaken students, and evangelism and an authentic Christian voice will come forth in universities. Students will rise against this Muslim view with boldness and strength. These students will need much wisdom and protection in the days ahead.

A focus on quality

Strong emphasis will once again be put on education and the need for quality and not just quantity education. Political agendas will continue but lose traction as lower-level educational leaders and personnel will demand quality education, transparency and a focus on the learners and not on factions in politics.

Accreditation requirements for educational institutions will be revamped and more clearly defined. Reclassification of educational institutions and education levels will take place. All institutions will have to abide by these classifications and subject themselves to accreditation and regular inspections. Many private institutions and businesses will buy into this new model of educational institutions and contribute considerably to advance it.

These new classifications will open up new kinds of educational institutions that will make education cheaper and help uplift even the poorest in society. There will be a new political will for advancing education and curbing corruption within education. Government will institute incentives for big businesses to start up their own in-house training facilities with financial support and sponsorships for the poorest of the work force for their upliftment and education.

Rural schools

Great attention will be placed on rural schools. A model will be developed that will speed up the building of effective schools with standardised buildings and layout that gets quick approval, cuts red tape and reduces the cost of building.

School inspections will also get more attention, especially in rural areas and troublesome schools.


Security will be beefed up at schools, especially from the inside against bullying, drugs and alcohol abuse. Parents that have skills to assist schools, for example in upgrading classrooms, will come forward and help build tables and chairs, and improve the classrooms.

Simplifying the system

A very high and big wall was seen. It felt insurmountable. The challenge facing schools and the education department feels insurmountable. Even the department has lost its sense of direction and hope, and drastic change will have to take place. People will be coming with hammers and beating down this wall. There are people that are pragmatic in their way of addressing problems; the Lord is sending people with specific skill sets into the department to change the current strategy and make it simpler. Education will be simplified, which will help teachers to teach the children.

Technical skills development

There is a cry for improving technical skills development. Schools will start focusing on how to increase the technical skills of people so that they are well trained in these skills when they eventually reach the workforce. There is an option for online and part-time tertiary training that will increase as the struggle at universities continues.

New teachers who have been exposed to technology are entering the system and are able to do the work. They are able to work with computers and teach children specific skills to access information, especially in the rural areas. There are people that are not teachers at the moment, but they do have skills and a heart to train and teach children. They will be doing this teaching in their own time and using their own vehicles, helping in specific areas where there is lack.

Teacher unions

A standoff between teachers’ unions and government will occur. The unions have manipulated government. Teachers have been kept in positions that they should never have occupied. These teachers have been receiving a monthly salary, but not doing their job. Sub-standard and lazy teachers will be exposed in news headlines.

Teachers’ unions will try to force government’s hand, but parents and communities will stand up, push back and demand the sacking of teachers and principals. A purging of corrupt and inept school principals and school teachers will take place. Violence will occur at schools because of this, creating great concern for the safety of children.

The government will bring in new legislation to curb the powers of the unions. This will create conflict, even within the ANC, the SACP and some of the smaller alliance partners. These issues will be used for political gain in the coming elections.