The nation of Turkey and especially president Erdogan and the EU member states will be at odds. In the past, the EU member states accommodated and turned a blind eye to what is happening in Turkey’s nation, but this is changing. There will be a push to address issues around Erdogan and Turkey. Erdogan will be pressing for issues in the EU to be heard, specifically Israel, and a pro-Muslim focus will cause a crisis with Israel. This will not go down well with some of the other European nations.


Agreements between Germany and Turkey in terms of sending immigrants back to their various states will be enforced. Funding will be coming forth for this. An uprising of these immigrants not wanting to go back because of the education, financial assistance and quality of life they receive in Germany will occur. Many immigrants have received salvation in the European nations and do not want to go back. Because of this, strong disagreement between Erdogan and Merkel will occur.