New technology

There will be a returning of people who have left Europe from all over the world. They will be bringing with them new skill-sets which they have gained elsewhere and start to implement it in Europe. New developments in technology will come more and more from Europe and there will be “silicon valley” type of places established.

New ideas with many new patents will come from Europe. Unlike in the past they won’t be taken over by the USA. These are ideas are given by God to Europe and they will belong to them. The European Union will bring in policies and even rewards to keep those patents and not to “sell themselves out” to other countries.

The Lord is going to raise the focus of the nation’s back to their roots which will cause nations to look back to Europe for specific solutions. The Lord has given the European people the grace to address some technological difficulties which will help people advance. There will almost be an explosion in technology coming out of Europe.


There will be a great expansion amongst the military NATO forces and NATO will become much more involved in world affairs in the next year.

The European Union has a stronger role to play in the Middle East crisis; they will become a bigger mediator in that regard. Europe will become a much greater mediator in global affairs in the next year, especially with NATO and the NATO forces- the role of mediating between nations and factions will become much stronger.

Imports and exports

There has been a secret gathering and discussion within the EU where it was decided that they are not going to import as much anymore. They are going to focus on growing their own produce, preparing their own proteins and breeding their own animals but they are having a problem doing it. It is not going well but they are determined to stick to it. Laboratory technicians and the people making these decisions are making quality decisions about what they are going to produce, how they are going to look after the animals and the poultry and what they need to feed the nation. I just saw this small group saying that they cannot import everything into the EU. There will be fluctuation of import of produce into Europe.

In the next year European exports will increase exponentially especially out of nations like Germany and the economic climate in Europe will be experiencing a lift. Some security measures will be relaxed even in normal aviation regulation.

Various import and export agreements will come into place between Europe and Africa, with European countries targeting certain countries in Africa such as South Africa. Europe needs raw material, not just gold and diamonds. There are also agreements about food. There will be a number of import and export agreements and single agreements between Europe and Africa, for example France with South Africa or Italy with Gabon. Europe will use that in the innovation of new products. That will bring new development into Africa and out of the import and export new business will develop in Africa and in Europe.

Human resource

The greatest export of Europe is their people. There is going to be an increased need for them in other nations. There will be people from Europe who feel the call to go to other nations although they are not necessarily going to be welcome there. There is going to be an increasing number of Europeans that will settle in other nations. There is an emphasis on well qualified people – just one person will have huge effect on continents such as Africa again.

People will start to travel more between Africa and Europe and a European flavor will be starting up in Africa. Smaller business people with imports and exports will be moving into to Africa, starting new branches all over.

This is not the start of colonization again, but rather God bringing a release in people’s hearts to pour out blessings. They are struggling with many things because they feel that they don’t have the ability to pour out their lives in other nations and other places – it is as though they have been impeded, among other things, by politics yet they have this real desire to pour their lives out on other nations. Human capital, being their abilities, their intellectual property will be the greatest export factor in the coming years.


The EU will have to revisit their subsidies that they have for the different industries. A new way forward will be forged to create an export environment where European products will be developed into a unique niche that sets them apart from the rest of the world. More and more the EU will realize that they have to cut subsidies as it is not sustainable. They will reinvent what they have to give to the rest of the world.

Research & technology

Research and technological advancements will become an export commodity. There will be a new emphasis on technologies and the development of it in Europe. Europe will start to take the lead in space exploration and science. Europe will take the baton over from the US in this regard.

The motor industry is also going into a new phase of invention in the EU through production and profit. European car makers will have new technological advancements that set them apart from other motor vehicle producers like America and the East. This will make them very successful in comparison with some other parts of the world. This new technological advancement in Europe will fuel a couple of industries in Europe and place them on a new level. Europe is going into a season where a new life will come in the economy because of this new direction and focus.


New innovations in agriculture, food production and streamlined processes will increase in Europe. A lot has already happened in research and development and the creation of new ideas. In 2014 it will be the year of exporting these new ideas and implementing them. A great focus will be on bettering third world countries. The high-end technological developments will make life in Europe more convenient.