A lot will come out of Austria and Switzerland. I see a vehicle, and I feel there is a development in the motor and naval industry coming out of there linking with environment and pollution. The Lord showed me that a lot of things concerning cleansing and purification will come from these nations.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic had some political scandals and there will be even some more that will be exposed and shake the nation. The Czech nation as a whole will start to feature in their ability to produce, they are not an engineering nation but a producing nation and there is a lot of richness in the nation and its people- the world will start to notice it in the coming years. The scrutiny that they were under will lift, specifically the scrutiny that experienced because they were part of the Russian block and under Russian control. The Lord is lifting the scrutiny that was on the Eastern European nations.

As a nation they are now at a place where their produce will start to influence Europe and the world, people will start to take note of the Czech people.


New developments in the area of food preservation will be made in Finland. This development will play a crucial role in the years to come.



The French people are under enormous restrictions that they have put on themselves because of their forays into foreign gods and foreign religions. Each Frenchman, at this moment, is looking at what they believe in. Christianity has filtered through everywhere, not in anything specific, nor a specific church. They are looking at what they have done on their own, without God and it is not working. They are starting to look to the Lord. It seems similar to when 9/11 happened; everybody went back to church in America. This same syndrome is taking place in France.

Things are so tight and restrictive in France. The French are starting to look around and then look at God and saying, ‘let us look at the church and find out if the church has an answer’. The church needs to lift itself up, and not judge the people, who were having these negative thoughts and influences.

A Muslim threat

There will be a Muslim movement that will become very strong in France, this will force the nation to relook their strategies, and re-dig their Christian foundations. It is as if they have stood back a bit, but the Lord is going to shake them and He will even use these Muslims to do that.

The church

The church in France is going to need a lot of outside help and they are going to be open for it. They have got very stuck in their philosophies and their philosophical way of thinking. By themselves they can’t get out of that box, so the Lord is going to speak to increasing numbers of people to come and break open the revelation of living in Christ for them.


A new freedom

Germany will experience a greater freedom from the European Union pressures than before. As a nation they will be experiencing a season of rest. It is as if the people are tired and have borne a heavy burden but the Lord is lifting the burden off and there is a season of great restoration coming. The European Union will start to publically recognize the great role that Germany has played in the salvaging the financial crisis.


Germany will receive orders for train lines and trains. This will raise the level of their exports. This is being discussed in the boardroom by the buyers and they are unsure if they should speak to Germany or China. China is a country that is in competition with Germany. This has become a huge problem for Germany.

In terms of cameras and camera lenses a German company designing lenses (Zeiss) are trying to design cheaper products, so that their market share will not be lost in competition with China, but ultimately the drive for high quality will become the deciding factor. Germany will continue to be looked at as a high quality country producing high quality products and that will continue to be their main focus.

Food advancements

A vision was seen of chickens dying. Currently in Germany and worldwide there is a mass slaughter of male chicks instead of using them for the food market because of the type of breed used. There will be a change in the chicken industry, especially in terms of the culling of male chicks; as a breakthrough in the breeding industry will change this status quo. As this is corrected the nation will become more self-contained and not be dependent on food sources from other nations. Germany is already very self- contained. They are aiming to provide what they need for themselves and not look to the other European Nations. Germany can support its own nation.


A settling down after storms is taking place, although there will still be some stirring in the coming season. There will be understanding that things have unavoidably changed, therefore people will not resist the drastic change in their lifestyle anymore. Unions and the voices of the masses will be entrenched stronger into Greece and Greek lifestyle. More pressure will be placed on the rich and their lawlessness.

Through this uneasy process financial stability will be won. The people’s voices are going to be heard: A new law or regulations will be introduced to protect the masses from exploitation by the richer classes. In the past the richer class had a level of impunity. This is going to change.

Influential people will stand up like fathers coming together saying that the nation can’t go on the way it is going. They will gather and discuss a plan for a way to bring stability again in the economy.


There is an inner arrogance in the people saying: “We have been here for centuries so we are just going to continue eating, drinking and being merry”. This is going to cost them dearly.

Italy will go through difficult times. There will be stubbornness to effect drastic change. The Italians will try to do things in their own way and not be told what to do. They will make life difficult for themselves.


Netherlands immigration will become a strong talking point again and issues around it will flare up. The Dutch will go on with life in a manner that will make them wade through the troubles in Europe to the other side where prosperity is waiting. There will be courage and a determination to not be tossed and turned around by waves of problems. Many of their good work will go unnoticed by the rest of Europe.


Fuel, gas or oil, will be found off the coast in the deep sea. In fact they have already discovered it but they have not released the news. They are very excited about this discovery. When they start building their oil rigs, they will announce the find. They do not want people to descend on Portugal and try to hijack what they’ve got. They have already discovered it but it is a secret that will be revealed in the next year, 2014.

The Lord is bringing an awakening in Portugal, a pioneering and discovering spirit that they had long ago. Together with the establishing of smaller businesses and enterprises throughout the nation it will become a springboard to go to different places and establishing themselves. God is rising up a foundation from which they can work.

A reawakening of Catholic churches and also of evangelical churches will start in the next year. More and more the evangelical churches and the Catholic churches will start moving towards one another. God wants to move Portugal into a unique direction that will be different from its neighbouring countries. In the past Portugal was seen as the last of the European countries and it was not bringing something new to the table. This is going to change, God is calling the pioneering spirit back to the nation of Portugal and this will happen in conjunction with the spiritual awakening. God will increase the call for His servants to minister in Portugal.

United Kingdom

The UK has been and still is a nation that facilitates research and new development. The words were heard: “The change of the guard.” There is going to be a change in leadership and a change in the structures.

A vision of the sun breaking through clouds was seen- the people have really suffered through some difficulties not just economically, but the people in the UK have really been under a heavy cloud. They have been hidden from focus and the Lord is going to bring a bit more spotlight on the UK and on their role in global affairs. The United Kingdom will be standing out.

Scandinavian nations

The Lord is specifically addressing the pioneers in the nations of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. They have always been there but He is awakening them again to pioneering in difficult environments. In the past is they have focused on the soft target of America (USA) because the USA is a very pioneering environment and they find that they can live their dreams there. That is not what they were created for – they were created for difficult environments.

They have to push through in difficult places; the Lord is going to rekindle that in a very strong way, especially in the church. He is going to speak to the Scandinavian church and He is going to start querying them, asking them why they are doing certain things, why are they not more involved in certain areas. So, we will start to see more Scandinavian people branching out and going to really difficult areas and those nations experiencing a lot of good and other input from them.

In the Scandinavian countries there is coming a new call from God to go into missions, sending them out to these different places where they have gone long before. A new wave of missionaries will go out again with a very dedicated and sharp understanding of what to do and where to go, with an understanding of culture. The Lord will be enabling them to go into places to bring the gospel in a new way


A vision was seen of a very dark cloud over the nation. The Spanish financial crisis will go on, so imports and exports will be under pressure in Spain and this will be a negative influence into the whole EU financial system.


Coming out of Switzerland is a medical breakthrough. Something big will be discovered that will have a great effect worldwide. It is one of the big sicknesses for which a cure is being found in that area.

Human trafficking

The focus on human trafficking is not the priority in the country that God wants it to be. I see that God will allow this issue to hit home in one high ranking official’s own family and this will actually spur much action and bring the focus to trafficking as God is calling for.

Some are called to deal with this injustice in this season but do not want to be involved and get their hands dirty. I see God moving the people close to them; suddenly they start to talk and care about human trafficking which was not even on their hearts before. This way God will place the topic constantly under their noses.
There will not just be a clean-up effort within the country but this effort will reach into other nations “to bring their own back“. There will be many different efforts in this struggle but in a few years’ time I see that Europe will be an example which other nations will follow.

Climate and environment

In terms of the environment and pollution Europe has led the way by cleaning up Europe but they have polluted many other areas of the world and they want to start addressing this inequality. It is almost like a moral regeneration.

The weather and climate in Europe will be full of contradictions. There will be areas where there is not going to be a lot of rain but in the south eastern parts of Europe a lot of flooding will take place. The climate is still going to change. In Europe new products will be coming onto the market because of climate changes. A lot of new skin products will be developed in Europe with agreements between France and Switzerland, specifically with regard to skin products. New ways of farming are going to pop up from Europe because of changes in climate.

God is bringing His favour over the country and the signs will also be seen in the weather.  Weather changes will be favourable for the planting/growing of different kinds of crops that have never been planted in those areas. There will also be a migration of people from professional occupations to farming because of this opportunity. Some will attribute this climate change to global warming when in fact it will be because of God’s choosing. He is still in control.

The church

The Catholic Church will be coming under scrutiny. There are some policies that are changing and the changes will be criticized because it is against tradition. Catholic churches outside of Europe are especially going to be critical, but the people will be behind the changes. The changes coming in the Catholic Church are not necessary bringing revival but definitely opening them up for the flow of the Holy Spirit.