The EU is concerned about the rebellious stance that Poland is taking regarding immigration policies. By taking a threatening stance against Poland, the EU’s leadership wants to prevent other countries from following Poland’s example. They want to make an example of Poland to warn other countries, especially Balkan countries, against autonomy in decision making. This tactic from the EU will not work. Although the Balkan countries are cautious not to upset the EU, they will still push their agendas in opposition to EU regulations for the sake of what their people require.


The EU has lost its effectiveness because of bureaucracy. This is a point for prayer as the ‘draining of the swamp’ needs to take place.

There needs to be an alignment of leadership. The leadership structures have become cumbersome and ineffective. The EU needs to be streamlined and mobilised effectively.

The EU is doing stocktaking to rethink its strategy, purposes and efficiency. An empty chair was seen, and it seems like there is no leader for that chair.

Clamping down on Christianity

Christianity will be clamped down within the European countries, especially when Turkey joins the EU. The voice of the church will be heard powerfully during that time.