The EU is like a teenager trying to find its true identity and the direction to go into. The uncertainty and insecurity will continue for a time before maturity will follow. Psalms 102: 13,17 “You will arise and have mercy on Zion; for the time to favour her, yes, the set time, has come. He shall regard the prayer of the destitute, and shall not despise their prayer.”

There is a hopelessness that has come over this region. God will extend his compassion over the EU nations for the next 3 years, answer their prayers and bring restoration.


The EU seems fine from the outside, but inside its influence is weakening. Trust in the EU has been eroded. Many weaknesses in the EU have been highlighted and fuelled the dissatisfaction of people within its constituency. Representatives are struggling to implement policies to move forward. Factions and diversity of opinions are constantly stalling any definite resolutions.

New resolutions are complicated and difficult to implement. Simplification is needed. Some countries will discuss more autonomy from EU regulations. Factions between countries will become clear with some supporting Greece’s actions and some even following Greece’s example. A new multi-nation political grouping will come to the fore, inspired by the Greek debacle. Further discussions regarding the exiting of Greece from the EU will continue, the problems around Greece will not dissipate soon.

A vision was seen of a multi-headed creature. One of the creature’s heads was chopped off. Germany will receive a lot of criticism for the way they dominate policy and enforce it on other countries. Some EU countries and politicians will seek the help of other international financial institutions against the German financiers and banks.

New groupings

Smaller nations in the EU will start to group together to have a stronger voice and collaborate with votes on decisions within the council. This will upset nations such as the UK and Germany. The larger nations will have to take more notice of these countries’ grievances in the next year. Allowing the poorer and peripheral nations into the EU has opened up the other member countries to the powerful criminal elements within these nations. Many basal threats are being made in the corridors, especially in the offices of officials. “We have your address and we will get you if you do not oblige”. Contamination of good and bad and wrangling is taking place, decreasing effectivity.

The intelligence community of the UK and Germany will have to become involved to curb these criminal threats. Money laundering will be uncovered and made public. It will become a matter of pride for EU member states to show their solidarity and assist the weaker members. Resources and knowledge will be shared to strengthen the group. Leaders are consulting churches and pastors for help and prayer on various matters. They realise that only through unity will they succeed.


Different factions are contending for a slice of the financial pie. Some are paid too much while others are paid too little. Favouritism seems to abound. Leaders are jostling for positions and recognition. Restructuring will take place within the EU to alleviate resource and money problems. Certain individuals within the organisation will be punished for their conduct. The legislation and complex regulations within the EU is suffocating the nations. Too much centralised control has been given to the EU. Legislation will be relaxed to give the individual nations more freedom to decide on certain policies.