Much effort is expended to mend relationships with family members who are unwilling or reluctant to co-operate in restoring the relationship. This distracts believers from putting time and energy in developing relationships with their spiritual family in the Body of Christ. A greater understanding of the significance of spiritual family, apart from the natural family, will occur. A greater degree of selflessness needs to develop, prompting actions taken from wisdom and not out of guilt. The Lord wants to release a revelation of His community and how we fit into it and function in it. This will not come naturally but we will be enabled to step into it by grace.

Crumbling of the family

A crumbling and breakdown of the family unit is taking place and the Lord’s heart grieves for what is happening. It’s a warning that people need to reconsider their actions and move away from their selfishness.


The abuse of women and children is a great concern in our society. A prominent woman in government will take a stand for their protection. A strong movement will take place, which will bring about stricter legislation for stronger punishment of offenders. The people will stand up and demand this, saying ‘enough is enough.’

There is an acceleration of abuse of women and children. The cries of women and children have fallen on deaf ears. A warning will come in the form of a shocking crime against women and children in South Africa that will receive national attention. Many will feel they had a part to play in the horrendous crime.

It starts with the church. The church needs to clean up their family relationships. There are pastors abusing their own families. A picture was seen of a man with his hand raised, hitting his wife in the bedroom. She is not allowed to cry out because others in the house will hear. Women are bearing the abuse silently and it needs to be exposed. Pastors and spiritual leaders need to know that the Lord sees what they are doing in the privacy of their bedrooms – abusing their wives. Children are being abused by these fathers that are in the church preaching from the pulpit, but not living the life they preach. Judgement is coming on this behaviour. God is calling again for the real and the authentic. You cannot preach with a forked tongue and the same water cannot come from a good stream and a bad stream. Judge yourself or God will judge you.


In the next few years, there will be much harsher punishment for sexual offenders. There will be a revising of the judicial system in these matters of offence.


God is saying: “restoration, restoration”. Restoration of families is essential for the prosperity of the nation; the family is comparable with the state of the finances of the land. Families are scattered and a bonding of families is needed.

God’s heart is for restoring families, marriages, and relationships with children and children with parents for the next season. There is a need for training on restoring familes.


There is concern for security around families. A season is coming that will be tough, but after that there will be a time that the people will start freely roaming the streets again, visiting neighbours or friends across the road. Until that time changes, be careful what you do, where you go. Be very vigilant about the criminal element

Financial shortages

Children are deprived from doing activities like sports and culture due to the strain on family finances. This exposes the children to drugs and criminal activities. Parents need to take responsibility for the children’s activities and not leave them to their own devices.

Attention needs to be placed on savings plans for families’ finances in this season. Adults and children need to be educated in wise financial management and planning for the future.

God our Father

The Lord says He is the Father to the fatherless. There are broken homes that do not have fathers, and God says He is the provider even in times of need. Many people in a broken situation are calling out to the Lord, but feel that He is distant. The Lord is saying He hears your call. He is a father, and He will provide. He is there, and He is not distant. In this coming season, many people who come from broken homes will excel in the public eye. People will see that even within those difficulties, God’s faithfulness prevails.

Right priorities

The Lord is addressing greed in the hearts of parents and we need to start revising our goals and our motives, prioritising God’s purpose for family.


The effect of pornography, sexism and violence propagated through social media and games will gain media attention. Published cases of abuse and crimes by minors will cause society and government to address these influences on the development of children in South Africa.

Regulations to prevent these negative influences from reaching minors will be considered and cause great upheaval in the media because of its so-called infringement on the freedom of speech. The regulation will take time to develop, with many parties being consulted in the process. Initially, the result will be continuous postponement to put the new measures into law, but eventually the measures will become law and positively affect the children of South Africa.

Many schools will implement their own regulations around the use of mobile devices and blocking access to certain websites. This practise will gain traction amongst many institutions and be widely promulgated. Parents and teacher associations will promote these actions to protect children against bad influences in media.