Below are detailed prophetic words for France for 2020 covering major topics like the UN Security Council, trade, tourism, a terrorist attack on a railway network and more.


In France, there will be new developments in agriculture. New agriculture schools will be opened, and others expanded to accommodate more people as people go back to nature and the land. People have grown tired of city life and like to be out in the country, and because of that, children are going into agriculture and back to the land.

Wine farms will become popular and will have bumper crops. On farms with unusual fruit like persimmons that aren’t regularly grown, growers will take risks and try to propagate something different than what has been planted previously. They will have bumper crops.

Crumbling buildings

A vision was seen of some old buildings crumbling. This depicts specific government issues that need to crumble so that they can be replaced and new things can be established. This crumbling is currently taking place and will become evident from 2020  onwards. However, the government is pro-active; they are aware of the problem areas, and there are already talks of how this can be addressed and new systems put in place of the old. Therefore, certain changes are coming for the government of France in 2020.


France’s economy will flat-line in 2020 with not much happening. Some industries will perform better than others, but their economy will be flat. The minister of finance will pass new tax incentives to help boost business.

France prophetic words: French church

The church has become an underground movement; it is not as visible as before. But, in the background and undercover, it has been effective. Fifty per cent are serving God, and fifty per cent are not, although it looks like only twenty per cent. People may not be in church and serving visibly, but they are. They know God and have given their hearts to him. The traditional church is not as strong as the underground church.

Bad fruit

God is rooting out some of the ‘bad fruit’ in France’s church, but the good plants will grow; it is as if roses have been cut almost to the ground but still bloom in season. He will let His church flourish; it is not visible right now, but it will change. God is bringing change about by allowing the church to fade. It will, however, not die but flourish again.

Home-based churches

Many home-based churches will be established, with a number of these churches forming in the outlying areas such as the farming communities. God will touch many people’s hearts and raise believers in these smaller communities where there will be a revival. An outpouring of His Spirit on the farming communities and the smaller communities will lead to a manifestation of signs, wonders and miracles. Many healings will occur. God wants to work through those people because they haven’t been tainted by all sorts of higher education or populist beliefs. As the people are simple at heart, they learn to trust God as farmers, living on the land. That is why God can work with them because they have a degree of faith.

New worship

Young people will compile new worship music in France. This will start in 2020 but only ‘surface’ in public later. Over time, the music industry and worship songs will grow. Through the music industry, many people will come to the Lord, get to know Him and start to join life-giving churches. Most of these churches will, however, be hidden at the start.


The word restoration was seen. Restoration will take place on multiple levels, including the church. Where previously churches stopped functioning and closed their doors, home churches will start popping up in various regions. It will be much smaller than before, but it will be much more effective and start a fresh revival.


Revival is coming to the church in France. A new flow of the Holy Spirit will flow through the churches in France. There is much redemption. One of the important messages from the church in France in the coming season is purity, both in spirit and in the flesh. This will change society, and revival will come. Miracles and healings will take place, and it will have a great impact on the church.

French fashion house

One of the famous fashion houses will go through financial difficulty and move out of Paris. They will move to a new region and pump finances into that region, which will help revive the local economy and cause job creation.


A solution is coming for the immigration issue. There was a workable solution, but it was ignored because it was not politically correct. France is trying to pretend that it is not a problem.

They will migrate many immigrants back to their nations; Turkey and another North African country are taking in refugees, which will help rebuild this war-torn country. So, the solution is coming. Legal immigrants have made themselves useful and become part of the workforce, but many can’t be absorbed into the general workforce in cities because they don’t have skills and some don’t have schooling;  the French government is working on a solution.

Investing in Africa

France will be investing in previous French colonies in Africa. The reason for this will be an attempt to stem the tide of immigration from Africa. More of these investments will help build and strengthen some African nations financially.


There will be a strong alliance with Algeria. Agriculture will be coming forth from Algeria, and they will grow delicious fruit, even though it is a barren land. The nation of France will make an impact there, resulting in trade between the two and agricultural growth.

Jewish exodus

A mass exodus of Jews from France back to Israel will occur because of continual attacks on them and the Jewish population’s isolation.

France prophetic words: President Macron

Contrary to popular thoughts, President Macron is on track, bringing about the changes that need to happen. He has a solid cabinet around him; everything he says comes from debate and discussion with his advisors. So, he does not do anything independently. He goes to his team before he goes public with anything.

In terms of politics, Macron will keep forging ahead with his plans and policies, and there will not be any major surprises or changes in France’s political sphere. His plans will be implemented even during strong opposition, and he will continue networking and building relations with other nations in the EU block, such as Germany.

France is allied with Germany, and they are trying to rule over and dictate to the rest of Europe; they are trying to be a strong team together. They don’t want to be seen to be in unity, but they are. There are schemes, many negative, behind the scenes to keep other countries in bondage to them.


France has a cycle of revolution because they have not dealt with the French Revolution’s roots, particularly in the economy and finances. One of the causes of the French Revolution was the economy; less and less money is available in France because of the population growth and socialism. Therefore, there is less money for future generations. This puts tremendous pressure on the young and upcoming generation, resulting in these revolutions regularly.

Terror attack

A terrorist attack on a railway network will take place. The rail networks will be under tremendous attack and pressure. Prayer for protection is needed in 2020 as various terror attacks are being planned for May and June’s busy tourist months. Attacks are being planned at large outdoor events, specifically mass shootings similar to America’s.


Tourism will slow down in France in 2020. This will be important because it will give the local people time to catch their breath and get their cities to enjoy their own country. It will be good for the French people to not have tourists around in abundance. Tourism in France will embrace a season based on a theme similar to the film “Eat Pray Love.”

The charm of the old will come back, and the graffiti on the city walls will be replaced with real art. A new sound, specifically rap, will come out of France.


Invitations from other countries to do business with France will be received. However, they need to be stringent about who they agree to do business with before signing any agreements. A collaboration with South Africa in the wine and tea trade will be formed. Precious stones trade will pick up in smaller businesses.

UN security council

France is one of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, and they have the right to veto certain decisions. They will use this right in one of the United Nations Security Council’s future sittings that has something to do with nuclear weapons and war.

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