The French economy will slow down. Wrong decisions of the past will start to have an effect in the coming year. Unresolved labour disputes will have a negative impact on the economy.  There will be growth in manufacturing (particularly the fashion and textile industry) and exports.

The fishing industry will have a good year. It seems that innovation is obscured and limited in the nation.


A Godly inspired innovative program will be instituted in French schools that will draw the attention of other nations. Arts There are many more skills and abilities in the French that God wants to unlock. A group of artists will create an unusual art form (possibly in photography).

A French film will win the Academy Award for best foreign film. This will place the world’s attention on the French film industry.

Church in France

The French mindset has been dominated by their love for philosophy. There is a half-hearted and ego-centrical spirit over the nation. Too much is permitted. This attitude will continue to be revealed in their political choices. The body of Christ is affected in similar ways. A cry needs to go out from the remnant of the nation for change. The Body of Christ needs support in prayer and training to break these mindsets. French churches have become weak through persecution from unbelievers, and atheists.

The number of atheists and Muslims far outnumbers the Christians. No message of hope is preached. God will send foreign nations (including Armenians and Georgians) as missionaries to France. They will bring a true gospel and change the face of France. This will take many years due to the stubborn pride and self sufficiency of the French, and their unwillingness to listen to foreigners. Many from other nations that live in France tried to help, but to no avail. The Lord may remove these helpers and send them to other areas in Europe. Some of those who were called by God to assist France will move outside the borders of the country, ready to step in and help the moment the French people request assistance.

Christians in France must prepare themselves for difficult times. This is a continuation of prophetic words of previous years. God will make situations to work for the good of the French Christians. Through the suffering, God will restore faith and joy in the believers. God is calling a season of restoration. The disunity amongst the French believers will be confronted. Groups and churches will only be able to survive if they work together. Forgiveness and restoration will be in the forefront. The Enemy wants to bring war to the nation and throw France into turmoil and instability, similar to what is happening in Greece.

The church needs to stand strong, pray and fight. Believers need to rise up to a new level of prayer. For this reason God will send a Spirit of Prayer to awaken the church leaders in France. Congregations will unite in big prayer meetings to pray for the nation and stop, or minimise the enemy’s work.

Strong missionary networks will form between France and African countries. NGO’s in health and social care will have a significant impact on both sides of the Mediterranean. France will invest into black empowerment and innovation projects through this network.


A Vision was seen of a terrorist bombing occurring in transport systems and churches. This will cause the nation to move away from its pacifist lifestyle and become more militant. FRANCE

Many fires were seen in the French countryside with a devastating effect on the inhabitants. A vision was seen of vineyards being attacked and burnt down. Some of these vineyards are hundreds of years old and part of the nation’s pride. The heart of the nation will be cut to the root and a cry will go forth for the restoration of the French identity. Afterwards, restoration will come.

A vision was seen of buildings burning and collapsing.

Weather changes

Unusual weather patterns will occur in different regions of France. Certain crops will be bumper crops, while other crops will be complete failures. Unusually high temperatures will be experienced in parts of France while other regions will experience a very harsh winter in 2016.

The government must prepare for water shortages in some areas and avalanches and flooding in other regions.