GOD SAID 2018, p 27
“Frank Chikane
Frank Chikane’s voice will come to the fore again. He is a man that stands in righteousness and for what God wants to do in this nation. The Lord will call him back to the podium to speak with the voice that thunders. God has given him a prominent voice. He will be a voice that shifts the nation because he has the true desire of the Lord in his heart. The love the Lord has for this nation overwhelms him as he paces up and down at night. When he speaks, it will widen a crack; it will make those walls shatter, exposing things that people have tried to keep hidden for a long time.

‘I am not proud of being an ANC member that is led by this lot’ – Frank Chikane

DECEMBER 15, 2017 NEWS24

Link: https://m.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/i-am-not-proud-of-being-an-anc-member-that-is-led-by-this-lot-frank-chikane-20171215