Germany is in a very stable country. They have many hidden resources and accrued financial wealth through wise investments in a variety of places. The nation and its people are frugal. The strength of Germany will continue. The humility of this nation has prepared them to hear God’s voice and receive divine strategy for Europe. Because of its influence and power, Germany has to choose their words carefully and speak with wisdom.

Church in Germany

God is hovering over Germany. It is a season to flourish and advance. The influence of the church in East Germany, before the fall of the Berlin wall, has benefitted West Germany and had great spiritual influence throughout the nation. The church in Germany has grown due to the people’s need for spiritual stability. Big churches and home groups have spread out all over the country. Many of these churches and groups seem to be invisible.

The Holy Spirit is doing a secret work. A dismantling of the traditional churches in Germany will increase. The relevance of these denominations will be questioned. Many polluted doctrines are infiltrating the traditional church that will make it crumble from within. Informal church and the charismatic movement will increase in the nation. Germans will find positive and emotional release in these kinds of church. A demonic force over the nation of Germany caused Christians to fear. But God is saying: “Don’t be afraid to stand out. Don’t try to conform. Be different, stand out and stand your ground. I am with you!” The liberal movements and other grouping want to intimidate many believers in Europe. But the Lord is saying: ”I am setting My people free and they will be My followers through whom I will reveal Myself.”

The following scripture verse was received for the free church in Germany: 2 Chronicles 16:9 “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.” God will show himself strong on behalf of those churches that have placed their trust in Him. God has seen their faithfulness in standing for the truth against the homosexual movement and others influences.

The German values, that the people took for granted, will come under pressure due to the masses of immigrants entering the country. This will cause German people to turn and return to the Lord and the church. Seasons of prayer and all night vigils will become a normal part of the Christian life. The Lord says to Germany: “I have my eyes on you. I want to be known to you. You are magnificent in design.” A wave of desire for intimacy with God will spread across the nation.

Many ministers, imparting and portraying the Lord’s love and desire for intimacy, will be sent into Germany to assist in this process. The angelic forces are ready in mass to be the help they are designed to be, once the Nation starts inviting them in. The supernatural wants to overrun this nation. God wants to use the Germans to pour spiritual technology into many other places around the world. Their leadership will be broad-based. The supernatural will take precedence over reason and logical thinking. This in itself will be a miracle from God. And this new way of functioning will transform legislation in the nation.

God will show Himself strong, on behalf of His church, against the onslaught of Islam in Europe. The Lord is refreshing a missionary movement and evangelistic grace in the hearts of the Germans, to reach the immigrants flowing into their country. This will cause a renewed passion for the lost and many Muslim immigrants will turn to Christ in this time! Young and passionate evangelists will go to other European nations with a powerful salvation message. Many churches will be moving into Russia bringing the gospel, doing outreaches and establishing not just churches but places of fellowships where people meet together to encounter God. Meeting together will supersede any formal structures.

Germany is designed to be innovative and a leader. There are many heavenly plans and designs waiting to be downloaded into those people who are ready and seek God. Europe will see the fruit of the church in Germany and desire the same. There will be Godly connections with other nations, especially Holland, where the testimony of the German church will inspire Christians across Europe.

Immigration crisis

The need for a stronger military will be expressed due to conflicts surrounding immigration. The nation itself will start to resist the forced immigration policies of the European Union and its own government. A forced policy, where migrants are dumped onto the German people, will cause big disruptions and strong reaction.

Protests will erupt. Immigrants will retaliate and street violence will be seen. God will be gracious towards Germany by insuring that outside forces will not gain control in the country. A renewed desire for freedom, stirred up by God, will rise in the hearts of German families and break the bondage of the past.

Helping hands

Germany is a strong, resilient country able to withstand much and plays a dominant role in Europe. God wants the Germans to use their strengths not to focus merely on their own advancement and glory but in service to other nations. Germany will continue to support other nations and save struggling economies. Though Greece and Germany have been at odds with one another, a special fraternity will develop among them. Germany’s assistance towards Greece will go further than just financial support. Many will migrate to Germany due to the economic growth and stability in the country. The government will fund Germans to relocate to other countries (especially Africa) to mentor and assist those countries’ people in skills development.


Angela Merkel will request a third term. The people will protest against this as they fear that she has become too influential. No replacement has been mentored by her to continue the work. Instead she has kept the knowledge and experience she has gained to herself. The Lord has raised up a young man who is able to take over, but his father disapproves of his aspirations. Therefore God will appoint someone else in the interim until this young leader is ready to take up his position. Pornography has infiltrated into Germany. An increase in the prosecution of illegal pornographic material will occur.


Right wing attitudes will increase amongst the youth of Germany. An unexpected earthquake will shock the nation.