Germany will come under pressure from other EU member states, as many will look to Germany with unrealistic expectations to solve problems in the EU. Much prayer for Germany will be required in 2019. They will need strong innovative leaders and wisdom to cope with all the challenges the EU will face and the various accusations that will be thrown at them.


The word ‘discoveries’ was heard over Germany. There will be major medical breakthroughs. Germany will take the place of prominence in the world in terms of discoveries.

Germany’s leadership role

Germany is a leading nation. The Hitler era was an attempt at perverting this call. The Lord wants to remind the German people about taking up this leadership again by leading in a servant role. They are double-minded about this due to their history, and they, therefore, shirk their responsibility in leading. The German people are great problem-solvers, and this skill is sorely needed in the nations surrounding them. However, they are holding back on their innovations because of their caution as being seen to impose themselves on those nations.

They have many solutions to almost all existing regional problems. It is time for them to let go of the past and take up their role. This will cause other nations to benefit from their productive solutions. They are not just called to a regional stage but an international one. Inequality Addressed Germany will be reconsidering laws regarding rape, murders and crime. These laws must be revisited for certain race groups; there is an inequality between sentencing people. One person will receive 10 years for rape while another gets 1 year. Equal judgement will be handed down.

Refugee Clean-up A mop was seen cleaning over the nation, specifically in the south-western side of Germany. There is an outcry coming from these people against the immigration policies, and a cleanup of the nation will happen. Where there was an embracing attitude towards immigrants in the past, this is going to change quickly. The people are reaching a boiling point; they can’t bear the effects of the old immigration policies anymore, which will force the nation to act.