A new freedom

Germany will experience a greater freedom from the European Union pressures than before. As a nation they will be experiencing a season of rest. It is as if the people are tired and have borne a heavy burden but the Lord is lifting the burden off and there is a season of great restoration coming. The European Union will start to publically recognize the great role that Germany has played in the salvaging the financial crisis.


Germany will receive orders for train lines and trains. This will raise the level of their exports. This is being discussed in the boardroom by the buyers and they are unsure if they should speak to Germany or China. China is a country that is in competition with Germany. This has become a huge problem for Germany.

In terms of cameras and camera lenses a German company designing lenses (Zeiss) are trying to design cheaper products, so that their market share will not be lost in competition with China, but ultimately the drive for high quality will become the deciding factor. Germany will continue to be looked at as a high quality country producing high quality products and that will continue to be their main focus.

Food advancements

A vision was seen of chickens dying. Currently in Germany and worldwide there is a mass slaughter of male chicks instead of using them for the food market because of the type of breed used. There will be a change in the chicken industry, especially in terms of the culling of male chicks; as a breakthrough in the breeding industry will change this status quo. As this is corrected the nation will become more self-contained and not be dependent on food sources from other nations. Germany is already very self- contained. They are aiming to provide what they need for themselves and not look to the other European Nations. Germany can support its own nation.