Farming is usually highly esteemed globally but in terms of the economy has a very low rank. People’s estimation and interest in agriculture is increasing as they become more interested in where their food is coming from and how it is produced. Research into the viability of food production to feed the nations will become a hot topic. The European nations will continue with their agricultural subsidies and increase it. They will partner with nations that have more ground available for agriculture through this mechanism of subsidies. Through this bartering strategy resources will be shared instead of mere financial provision.

Cosmopolitan farming

The concept of “putting your hand in the soil” will start to increase among the normal population. More people will try their hand at farming in green spaces like city rooftops. Edible gardens (where people will plant gardens that are not just pretty but can be eaten) will become a fad.

Communal plots for growing vegetables will also increase. Many people will go back to the original seed (before they were genetically modified). Original or old genetic seed will become valuable.


The great fish shortage will cause governments to step in and create safe haven areas for the fish. These areas will be guarded and heavy penalties that will be imposed to ensure the recovery of the fish population.

Action will be taken against some countries that are not keeping to international agreements that were made regarding fishing and restrictions on fishing.

Food preservation

A new way to dry freeze fruit and legumes like soya beans and peas will be developed. This new method will reduce spoilage and allow longer storage for produce.

Food packaging

New packaging material and method will be developed that will receive attention internationally. It will be biodegradable and environmentally friendly and a viable replacement for plastic.

New crops

A new type of rice will be developed in eastern countries that produces a bigger grain. The farming method for this rice remains the same as other rice but is more profitable.


In the coming year international farming will be affected by pests and plagues and a lot more pesticides will be necessary. People should be wise in which pesticides they use. Some areas will experience shortages in the coming year. Wisdom is required in the handling of crops.

The farming community in Europe should prepare for extremely cold weather conditions.

A picture was seen of a rice field with brown stains (some kind of disease) on the rice. The field seemed to be located in China.