The Lord is much busier than anyone could fathom and the church throughout the world is not going to fall apart. The Lord has appointed and identified people in every region and nation and He is convicting, convincing and bringing them in. Often the church might not resemble your own model of what church should be, but it is still church in the Lords eyes. The fact that we may not always see it does means that we have to trust Him with His church. The Holy Spirit wants to lift people to a higher place in order to have Gods perspective over the world. The church and individuals have lost some perspective and the Lord wants to change the focus away from all the crises; not looking at the things below, but to look at what He is currently doing in order to have the correct insight.

The church globally is far healthier than it’s ever been and is increasing in the Kingdom dimension. A young group of people will start to see these things happening under the world’s radar and they will start to document it. This documentation will bring a whole new release of life into the Body of Christ worldwide. The western church has been very vocal and very prominent whilst the eastern and African churches have been quiet and community focused. Through this documentation a balance will come and we should stand in awe of what the Lord has done as His glory covers the earth.

Angelic activity

A vision was seen of a lot of angelic activity around the world and it speaks of a lot of supernatural protection over the church which will be necessary in this present-day phase of the global church.

Business evangelism

Business opportunities will be opening up for the Body of Christ. A new move with regard to evangelism, specifically through business, will take place, particularly through Africa.

Increase in supernatural works

There will be an increase of the supernatural amongst the body of Christ that will inspire many to know and understand the power of God. God is calling His Body into a dispensation of divine visitations. The supernatural is going to be very important. People in troubled areas will see equippers being transported via supernatural means (Phillips transport) to equip them. People in these remote areas and in areas of persecution will testify of this. God has transport beyond airplanes and our natural environment.

We will hear of miraculous provisions like the miracle of Jesus multiplying the fish and bread. We will hear lots of testimonies of Gods supernatural provision in difficult situations.

There is going to be a strong release of the miraculous in different ministries like healings, signs and wonders. Ministries will start to encounter God showing up at the most desperate times.

Middle East

A vision was seen of the Middle East; in a desert area massive crosses were falling from the sky and landing on the ground up straight. As they were coming down the ground shifted. God is moving into the Muslim world. As the crosses are taking ground there will be more space created for Christianity in the Muslim world.

New Bible translation

There is going to be a release of a new translation of the Bible. Theologians have been working on it for many years. They are going to release parts of it next year. It will be a translation that will bring great refreshing and take people back to reading the Word in a very easy to understand format.

The prophetic

Regarding the prophetic in the global church the words: “I have trained you now I will send you” were heard. Although the church might not be moving around a lot in this season to come, God is saying He is sending the prophets out globally in the world. Many of them will go undercover without people knowing what they are there to do. God is commissioning them to go and equip the saints. There are many equipped prophetic people in SA who are sitting on their gifts and God is challenging them to go out. “You will go and you will teach, preach and equip the nations”.

The persecuted church

Great worldwide growth will be seen in the hidden church. A secret spiritual work is taking place in dangerous places of the world causing an increase in the supernatural. God is supplying for and protecting His people supernaturally. Persecution of Christians in hot spots in the world will increase. The media will paint a very bleak picture of what is going on. But in truth an increase in Christians will take place. In many western societies churches will have a re-awakening of their Christian values because of the publicised persecutions. The fear that extremists are trying to instil in Christians will have the opposite effect; it will cause more Christians to be activated to see Gods Kingdom come. There is a great call to go out and reach the Muslims.

Many western government officials will openly support Christianity and take a stance against persecution. Even celebrities will get involved. The Lord is raising up people to pray, to be sensitive and stand in the gap for the nations and for the church.

Travelling ministries

2015 will see a decline in certain travelling ministries. Churches will be forced to focus on and strengthen their home bases.

UK church

God is going to bring a re-awakening in the church. People will become more passionate and radical about the truth of God and the truth of scripture. This will ignite many people into passionate Christian living which will inspire many from other countries and similar re-awakenings will take place in other parts of the world because of what is happening in UK churches. The British will return to their Christian heritage.