A shaking

A shaking will occur in the church globally; many new adjustments have to be made to church services and how they are managed. Church services have become sophisticated, but God is left out of the meetings. God needs to be allowed back into church services.

Stirrings of revival

A revival will break out unexpectedly in an unusual place, akin to the Indonesian revival. There will be a spiritual stirring that everyone will gravitate towards, like the Toronto revival. This revival will occur in 2018, and people will visit the place of this revival.

A revival is going to occur in a Scandinavian country, possibly Norway, in 2018. A man has been praying, crying and lamenting for this to happen for many years. He has understood God’s calling on the nation, the significance of what they have gone through, and how God has blessed and prospered their nation out of seemingly nothing. He has so wanted to share this, but he doesn’t think he has the influence or leadership ability to do it, so he intercedes and prays. He is praying to the Lord to bring His fire. The Lord wants to honour him, more than anything else, for his lifetime of prayer and show him that He has heard him.

A revival will break out in the nation of Australia that will catch the attention of the world.

A new Bible translation

A new Bible translation will be released. A group of people are sitting around a table, hard at work translating. They are reviewing the original text and scripts, trying to translate it as authentically as possible. It is in simple language that is easy to understand. Many slang words will be in this Bible to make it readable and easier for modern people to understand. Many people are gravitating to the digital Bible as it has become very user friendly. There will be new ways to obtain this digital Bible in a small machine used independently.

The Body across nations

The Body of Christ is not only represented in what we call the Church but has far broader implications and reach. There is grace on movements in the Body of Christ to come together and collaborate. People will be brought together regionally, within nations, across nations and globally. Prophets will gather. Apostles and prophets will gather, as will many other people who have different functions in the Body of Christ. This will gather various streams of ministry, not just limited to the five-fold ministries as depicted in Ephesians chapter 4. This gathering will produce much fruit in the nations. Radical things will happen. The Glory of God will manifest. The power and healing of the Lord will even be seen happening in nations across the world. Sporadic healing and displays of the Lord’s power will be seen in unreached nations due to the unique collaboration between various ministry streams. One will not try to dominate the other. Ministry leaders will understand the partnership that the Lord has built into them to represent different aspects of who He is. There will be a move away from denominationalism. Space will open up for people to function together even though they disagree quite radically doctrinally. This first wave of harmonious action that the Holy Spirit works on a global scale will be of the “no eye has seen, and no ear has heard” character that the Bible speaks of.

A sense of belonging to one body and contending together for each other’s nations will increase.

Errors magnified

The enemy will take advantage of many things that will take place in the church, trying to magnify error to cause people to throw stones at the church. The goal is to discredit the church entirely, but the Lord will strengthen leaders and cause the church to stand firm. This discreditation will be prominent in the news media, and the church will need to stand against it.

Reaching the people

The church is reaching out even more than it has already done to go to where the people are. The words “gospel to the poor” were seen. The church will continue bringing the truths of God, the ways of God and the operations of the Spirit to people who know nothing at all, such as the uneducated, and bring it to a point where people will be able to plug into God. A picture was seen of a leader taking off his fancy clothes and walking around in his plain clothes. The church will get to where the people are and not just put on a show, but be really practical in how they do things to be effective.

The Chinese church

The Chinese church and Chinese Christians will become increasingly visible to the rest of the world. Gradually, more Chinese will be seen at conferences and other Christian gatherings. The Chinese church will challenge the Western Church in their beliefs and habits, inspiring believers to live a more dedicated life for God’s Kingdom. God is strengthening the connection of the global Body of Christ to the Chinese church.

Underground Muslim movement

A strong underground movement of Muslims is rising to counteract the voice of the church. This threat of Muslims will bring a great unity and a galvanization, particularly in the apostolic prophetic ministry, as apostolic prophets begin to understand their governmental role in the house of God and their political role in the nation. The term ‘ecclesia’ will become very common in the days ahead. The ecclesia will be a governmental people.

Cleansing of the prophetic

There is a very sharp increase in the false prophetic, particularly in terms of witchcraft and divination. This voice will continue to rise, which will deceive many leaders in the church. Many leaders will link and join hands with the false prophetic, resulting in increased deception. The scripture says that in the last days even the elect will be deceived. On the other hand, God will purge the true apostolic and prophetic. God is speaking to leaders about personal sin and accountability. There is a powerful sense of God even purging the prophetic. The scripture in 1 Kings 22: 23 tells of a lying spirit in the mouth of the prophet. God will expose this lying spirit, and He will work on His prophets to allow Him to purge this within.

The apostolic and prophetic

The apostolic and prophetic voice will become dominant in the days ahead, with a new trust relationship developing between apostle and prophet. In this new move of the apostolic and prophetic, much of what was built in the past will no longer be relevant. There will not be complete removal of the old, but an ‘adding to’ as God breaks the global church out of the old mould. New moves of God will take the church forward in the nation, and the church will become influential in the seven mountains of society.

Harvest preparation

A basket is being enlarged. It is like a fishing basket, and many people are coming into it. As the scripture says, there is a harvest coming, but the church is not ready for it. God’s heart is to save people; intercessors need to pray for the harvest as the labourers are few.

The spirit of the Anti-Christ revealed

The systematic influence of the Anti-Christ spirit within the global church system will be increasingly visible. God is fulfilling his promises over His church even if it is unseen by many.

A blossoming season

A beautiful fruit tree full of blossoms was seen. The Lord is saying, “What we have been seeing up to now is a tree getting ready to blossom.” The church has only now reached a place where its impact will be global and is only now coming to a place where it will have a global impact in touching communities on a scale that has not been done before. This impact will not only be through outreaches but through faith-based communities touching regions and areas for the Lord. We only see the blossoming at the moment, but later in the coming years, we will see the fruit of it.

In John 15:16, Jesus says, “Ye did not choose me, but I chose you, and appointed you, that ye should go and bear fruit” (ASV). The last move of God on the earth will be fruit that will last until the Lord comes. The focus should be on developing this fruitfulness, not just going to work but leaving a lasting investment in people that can be grasped and received.

Restoration of churches

A vision was seen of the cross of Jesus taking a prominent place within Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches. Great emphasis will be placed again on Jesus and the message of His cross. This new focus will confront the religious spirits in these congregations.

Christian church buildings taken over by Muslims and turned into mosques will be restored to their original state. Churches will also be planted in areas where it is least expected, like deserts, forests, factories and workplaces. These churches will be popping up everywhere and anywhere.