Election 2019 – God’s succession plan

The Lord says that His succession plan is on track in spite of what the people think or the wiles of those fighting for power – their plans will not come to fruition. There has been much ranting and raving in this regard. Expensive animal sacrifices such as expensive Nguni cattle have been bought to make specific sacrifices. This is all a ploy for power in the next elections in an effort to try to stave off certain interim shifts and events. The Lord says that all of this activity will come to absolutely nothing. He has already dealt with it.

Many accusations of people and political parties will be made in the run-up to the next elections that are better left unspoken. Much of it is intimidation and plain hot air, which will dissipate after the elections.

Maintaining of power base

The government faces many challenges, but many of those in power are not really concerned with the challenges of the nation. They are more concerned with maintaining their own power base. It seems as if the spirit of dictatorship that is over much of Africa has crept over the borders of South Africa. Leaders who have this mindset think they’re going to get away with it, but that’s not going to happen. The people are going to rise up. There will be far more political division and resultant electoral choices that will surface in the next two years as politicians try to make their mark. This will be rather disturbing and look like instability at face value.

New Alliances

Different political parties are making alliances with unusual groups. They divorce and then join another group, which leads to many unstable alliances. There is a scramble to prepare for the next election. There will be an early election. Another government reshuffle will occur soon before the election, and it will cause a complete uproar.


The resident leaders, unbeknownst to us, have a unique way of disciplining problem politicians. A vision was seen of Bathabile Dlamini, who caused all the problems with SASSA. She is being disciplined behind the scenes. The ruling party cannot be seen to be harsh on their own people. These issues are being dealt with on a high level. Politicians that have irregular issues while fulfilling their duties will be disciplined and the negative issues will be dealt with.

Political change

An implosion, a caving in and collapse of the government will occur. A crumbling is taking place and there is a big push to move Zuma out, but there is much resistance. He still has support among many people and the efforts to oust him will cause discord, riots, burning of buildings and upheaval. People will earnestly be praying and seeking the Lord. Churches will be on their knees because it will be a very crucial time to not replace one bad leader with another.

The outcome of the elections will be a shock to the nation because it will be unexpected.

A very difficult time lies ahead for Pretoria and prayer is necessary for the people and city. This crisis will escalate in the streets as well, with much discord between factions. Intercession will be necessary during that time. People need to be very vigilant in their travels and plans around specific areas of the city.


A vision was seen of a building collapsing up to the foundation: the current ANC hierarchy will collapse, and the alliance partners with them. They will withdraw and let the building collapse. Scaffolding has been keeping the building up; the alliance partners will withdraw at a crucial time, which will cause the ANC to implode. The structures will not hold. This is from God.

Disarray will prevail for a very short time, but then the government will collect itself and an earlier election will be called. It will be very important that people not be swayed by the feminist or any other movement, but be open to see what God’s heart is for the nation.

A faction of the ANC will break away; many of them will join with the DA. There are even talks at the moment concerning this. In some locations in the country, there will be civil war. Taxi violence will increase in the big cities. The whole transport system will be reformed, and this will cause taxis to revolt.

Islamic influence in government

An increase of the Muslim voice in South Africa will be heard in government.

Constitution honoured

The constitution of the nation will be lifted up on a flag pole and the constitution will be honoured. The people will honour the constitution. The Lord has put His hand on the constitution and Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng. God has positioned leaders that have not been noticed, but they will stand up like a banner and raise a flag, and the Lord and the constitution will be on that flag.

Jacob Zuma

The charges of corruption against Zuma will be directly enforced against him. He will be locked up in the back of a police van and it will be quick. One thing after the other will happen. It took years to build injustice and it will collapse in a day. It will be so quick and so sudden – the Zuma foundation is falling away. Zuma will have his day in court.

A tug of war and instability will occur within government. It will seem to bring leadership’s functions to a standstill. In the end, the process will have a positive effect.

Jacob Zuma will seem to turn against some of his staunchest allies and this will cause individuals, whom one did not expect, to change their stance towards him. A very quick implosion will take place in the Zuma faction that will cause those involved within this faction to scramble to belong to another group and try and justify themselves. Through this process many, many ministers and people in leadership will lose their positions and leave the political environment in humiliation.

The media will report of the properties of high-ranking department officials being auctioned off.

Those who want power for selfish gain will think that their dirty tactics will make their plans succeed, but it will have the opposite effect. Those who really have a heart to serve this nation and its people will remain steady, even amongst false accusations and allegations against them. The public will lose the taste for sensational media reports and not allow their impressions of individuals in leadership positions to be affected by the media anymore.

The Judiciary

The judicial system will show an iron fist. An attitude of absolutely no compromise will come forth from the judge’s benches, and great celebration will take place.

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng will help lead the whole dialogue regarding the land question in South Africa.


A flood of refugees from Africa will come to South Africa and this is going to cause problems.

Big forums for dialogue between business and media will occur, galvanising South Africans.

Buildings auctioned

In Johannesburg, the inner city land and buildings will be up for auction and people in business, even Christian individuals in business, will buy these buildings. Clinics and education centres will be established, and Johannesburg will be a pioneer city for this development.

Drug rehabilitation

There will be an increase of many drug rehabilitation programs. In the next few months, we will hear a lot more in the media regarding the increase of these programs.

The Remnant

There is a remnant group of people that have been in government over the years. Some of them have been working behind the scenes. They have positions of authority and in the midst of all that has been taking place, they have been upholding and advancing certain departments. The Lord wants us to pray for this remnant.

Underneath this huffing and puffing, the basic work done by the bureaucrats in government for the people of the nation must be encouraged. Encourage them to keep moving forward and not to lose hope. The Lord’s plan is in place – trust Him.

There will be further uncovering of the negative, but also an amazing uncovering of the golden work that these people, the remnant, have been doing. There is a call to prayer for these people that have been behind the scenes. These hidden people are similar to the hidden prophets in the book of Kings where God told Elijah that He still has others that he does not even know of.

Riot warning

Buildings will be burnt and shops looted during riots that will take place because of government being in turmoil. There is also a strong call for land reform. People who want to disown white land and also steal government land will come to the forefront and cause panic, stress and worry among the people in South Africa. There will be a call on the church to step forward to protect and harbour the displaced people. Churches will have to have an emergency plan or area to accommodate people in this time of crisis.

The media will play a significant role in the riots through propaganda and influencing people against the government. This strategy will be exposed and people will see the reality of what is going on. It is like a strong storm that’s coming, but the next moment it will quiet down and it will be over.

Speaker of Parliament – Baleka Mbete

The speaker of parliament, Baleka Mbete, will be in legal battles and stand down as the speaker. There was a season of covering up. A hidden agenda will be exposed and disqualify her for the seat as the speaker of parliament. She will be exposed and there is nothing else that she can do but resign from her position.

The Minister in the Presidency – Geoff Radebe

Geoff Radebe, the minister in the presidency, has been covering up matters, for instance files that have been hidden. At a stage, to save his own career, he will bring things into the light. To save himself from this coming landslide that will incriminate many party leaders, he will have to hide for his life for a long season.


The Mbeki regime and his statesmanship will be honoured in the next season. There is pressure on him to speak out a lot more about what has happened behind the scenes, which will cause a shaking within the existing governmental structures in the ANC. They will not be able to cover up anymore. It’s like popcorn that has overflowed the pot – it blows the lid off and everything is going to come out very quickly and be dealt with.

Scandal in the ANC Women’s League

A scandal will be exposed within the ANC Women’s League that will make people question their leadership. The Women’s League will lose its support and even be booed off stage at political rallies.


Shocking murders and assassinations amongst ANC councillors and officials will cause great strife amongst political parties. Investigations will reveal that these deaths were planned from within the party and not from the opposition. Even death threats and attacks against clergymen will be exposed.

A government building was seen burning with accusations of deliberate arson and a cover up.

Frank Chikane

Frank Chikane’s voice will come to the fore again. He is a man that stands in righteousness and for what God wants to do in this nation. The Lord will call him back to the podium to speak with the voice that thunders. God has given him a prominent voice. He will be a voice that shifts the nation because he has the true desire of the Lord in his heart. The love the Lord has for this nation overwhelms him as he paces up and down at night. When he speaks, it will widen a crack; it will make those walls shatter, exposing things that people have tried to keep hidden for a long time.

New party

A vision was seen of Cyril Ramaphosa raising a South African flag. He will come to the fore very strongly. It will not be in an ANC capacity, but in a new party – a combination of the DA and the ANC. There is going to be a congruency of values; there is a Christian value within both parties that the Lord is drawing together. In the past, the division was along party lines, but the Lord will bring the Christian values back. Values will align in the hearts of men and on those values there will be unification. Similar to Donald Trump, God will lift Cyril in this process because of his stance for the Lord and the values of the kingdom.

Within this transition we need to pray for our military generals. Zuma will try to hold on to power through military strength. We will have to pray for the generals in the army and in the air force. The military will be involved in much of the action coming. Pray for these military leaders to have God’s wisdom and not be swept away by emotions. Until Zuma steps down from power, he’s still the head of the army and the armed forces. The armed forces will be deployed.

Russian influence

The Russians are very influential at this time in South Africa. They are active behind the scenes, influencing the government and military in South Africa.