Leaders will be held far more accountable by the people than they have ever expected, they will not be allowed to get away with things. Many people in high positions have planned to exploit the state, but they will be stopped in their tracks, they will be party to eroding their own power base to the point of self-destruction. This will happen across the board from ward to municipal level right up to the cabinet and the president including the heads of all departments.

People on the ground are becoming more educated around politics and how the government functions, which will cause some uprisings and some uncomfortable questions that, will be asked to government in the future.

A vision was seen of government running around like a cat on a hot tin roof, running back and forth actually not knowing what to do. People who have been sitting comfortably for a long time will suddenly have to get up and try to get the job done. That will cause them actually exposing themselves and the fraud that has been going on which that will cause an outcry. Eventually different people will move into those positions and things will start running smooth again in the future.

New faces will come into government and leadership positions. God is bringing a younger generation into government that will bring fresh wisdom end new energy to it.

A functioning government

The government looks like a person that is sitting down with all these gifts and things that he has to do. God is calling the government to get up. He will bring a revival and proper activity where the government will no longer just complete half of less of its tasks. God is calling the government to function in 100% of its mandates and to work on the fulfillment of their promises doing what they were elected for by the nation.

A hidden work

During this season of entering into 2017 there is no confidence in the government at all. A lot of negative press has given the people insight on all the negative things going on while behind the scenes an enormous amount of positive developments are happening in the government.

Those doing the positive work in government, in parliament and in the different wards are working very quietly while trying to fly under the radar. They do not want to be seen opposing those with a network of negativity and fraud. They all seem to know each other. They are building their own powerbase and structure- they have their own people they trust work with for the good of the nation.

These people are making many inroads, some of the members of council and different parliamentarians have gone to other nations very quietly, it has not been in the media, but they have been learning Governmental skills to try to manage on their own because they were not given the skills to do the job properly. Everybody government are stuck in their own segment with no cohesion between their individual departments. The big ship of government cannot turn, it cannot move forward it is just in the water with the engines running and not going forward.

In 2017 there, many new plans will emerge and many changes will be implemented. Red tape will be removed and forms are being changed. Application processes will be simplified. Where previously fifty forms from six different offices where needed one form will suffice and online applications will become the norm. Government forms will become standardized and uniform to make paperwork less confusing and fault prone. People will be paid a lot quicker when they do work for the government. Businesses, airlines, hotels and companies will receive their payments quicker because there is a uniformed system has been put in place.

Unbeknown to many there are capable people implementing these plans and putting this infrastructure in place. They are people with vision, people with purpose. They might not have big names or lots of news coverage but they are quietly getting on with getting the job done.


Different political parties will start working together; they will actually consult and start helping each other.

Internationally South Africa is seen as an Africa powerhouse and that will continue.

God is bringing a new level of unity amongst the leaders of this country; this unity will not be based on political colors or interest. This unity is based on a different spirit God is bringing forth in people, superseding many other political interests. There will be the most unlikely people coming together to seek the solutions for improving South Africa because of what God will work in their hearts.

Engaging communities

The government has ignored the community leaders to their detriment, they have steamrollered over them and just made decisions based on what they thought best, almost treating those local leaders like children. In the future, they are going to have to engage with community leaders throughout the whole nation in order to continue with any activities in communities.

Political landscape changes

The political landscape of South Africa will change drastically in the next two years. What seemed impossible four years ago will become a great possibility in two years’ time. Collision between business powers and political figures will be dismantled in the next two years and will cause powerful figures to fall from grace. The next two years will also see young faces in politics to become known and influential.

Skills incorporation

Contractors that have been doing work for the government in the past as outside contractors will be swallowed up by the government and will become part of the expertise of the government. This will save money but also introduce great skills into different departments of government. Even foreign employers will be introduced to the government to pioneer processes and prepare new growth.


A split

A real split in the ANC will become evident in this coming year. There is going to be tremendous strive in the air in the next year and many of the hidden practices that are taking place in government will be aired by opposition parties. The press is going to be very busy and it is going to erode the whole powerbase of the government. Because of this, the government will lose its ability to move forward and this is God stirring it up for the 2019 elections. The lack of momentum in the government will be making way for other parties to rise up.

ANC shaking

After the local (2016) elections, there will be a great shaking in the ANC and polarization will come between the leaders in the party itself causing animosity and great distress. Government will be forced to reshuffle its structures, which will cause a lot of unhappiness in the hearts of people. Employments in governmental offices will be relooked. There was a very specific vision of communities depending on the salaries of government employees. Local economy will struggle this year specifically because of some of the changes that will have to be brought. The massive control of the government where they just stated and people had to simply give way will change. People will start to speak back and government will have to engage in a lot more negotiations than before. The government will need the smaller parties and there will be more coalitions with smaller parties to try to establish and keep control in municipal levels. The rift between personalities in the ruling party will become very clear in this coming year.

The government will have to dig deep to contain themselves and to run their business. There are many loose cannons in the government and they will have pull the reigns in on them. Some of these loose cannons will even lose their jobs and a lot will go out of government. God has kept a remnant inside of government to keep it running, there are people with a passion, there are people who really want to govern the nation correctly and they will come more to the forefront because they keep everything running.

The presidency

Our president is still looked up to by the man on the ground, he is still has a broad support base because he pumps in a lot of money to keep that support especially paying leaders in rural area to ensure their attention. People are starting to see through this strategy and this will influence how they vote in the next election.

The President will be facing health challenges and God is challenging the churches to pray for him in that regard. (As prophesied in 2015)