Malawi has great potential alongside great challenges; it’s not a country for the faint-hearted. There is a call for economic and church pioneers. Once pioneers have started to open certain areas and obtained strengths and insights in their field, they need to reach out to those who will come and establish things after them, so that these people can start moving in. Those that plan to move to this country need to plan far better than they would normally do. They need to be meticulous about the groups of people they are working with and what they will require of those people to successfully establish something in that nation. Strategic marketing plans are vital to draw the people who need to join in these ventures. The Lord has to reveal precisely if an organization should do projects in Malawi. If they are not specifically called, they will end up being just another irrelevant NGO. Malawi is saturated with NGOs, some of which achieve nothing at all while others are indeed successful. Often enough, NGO projects are just a way to get money out of people. People must not be quick to get involved in new ventures but first, make sure they are sufficiently prepared. Generally, involvement in that nation needs a lot of initial pioneer work, and a great deal of planning is going along with it.

A vision was seen of people standing around a lake; everybody is fishing from the same lake. God is speaking about the economy and how the economy is viewed. We hear God saying that there is more than one source in the country that people should tap into. Malawians must begin to look at other ways to tap into the country’s other resources. There are many opportunities, but people have been mostly focusing on the same things, this need to change.

There is a threat on the borders as if some rebel groups want to infiltrate it. Malawi’s intercessors must start praying and interceding, which will form a spiritual barrier keeping most of the rebels out. God’s hand is there, and He is keeping them out of the country.

A group of destitute young girls huddling together was seen in a vision. These teenagers had nowhere to go. There is a lot of human trafficking happening throughout Malawi, which will be revealed. The huge amount of human trafficking happening will be exposed, and there will be an intervention by the United Nations because of the atrocities happening to those girls.

Many nations are destroyed by corruption, but in Malawi, the Lord himself is putting His finger on this issue. Sometimes it feels like the rest of the world does not care about Malawi, but the Lord has not given up on the nation. God still has a strategy for the country, even if they have given up themselves. God will expose the illegal trade of animal products and curios being illegally shipped to Asia, specifically Korea. These stolen and illegally obtained poached products will be stopped. This will also cause the United Nations to step in.

There is great trouble brewing in the nation. Hunger and poverty will cause great political unrest. There will be expressions of dissatisfaction, and the government will try to clamp down on unrests. Media will expose these actions even internationally. The international community to make necessary changes will place great pressure on the government.
Much prayer is needed for this country. Islam will use the country’s instability to get a greater hold in the country and the government. Many of these strategies will be done in secret. Pray that these strategies will be made public and pray that the people will take a stance against it.

There needs to come a mindset of nature conservation. Deforestation needs urgent attention; the government will have to, with international assistance, take drastic steps to safe the land from erosion, which will cause it to become barren.