There will be a change of identity coming for the Angolan nation and people in the coming years. The nation, which has kept the war identity of the past, will learn to let go of the past. They will experience a national renewal of identity.

Angola has its own oil production. There will be many discoveries and advances happening in the oil industry to the benefit of the nation. Incoming wealth will create space for the nation to redefine itself from a place of tragedy towards a place with opportunities to prosper. It is almost as if the nation did not develop further from its Portuguese roots into its own identity. The houses and streets stayed the same and just deteriorated. There will be a renewal happening within the nation of Angola. In the coming year, things will start to change drastically. People will want to go to Angola because of the beautiful landscape, and they will feel safe in Angola because of the changes, which will be brought in.

The hold of those who control the government and the economy will be challenged this coming year. Although those in power will not be removed this year, their hold on the country will weaken. The opposition will become more vocal and bold and be more fearless to stand up and speak against the status quo. Attempts to suppress the opposition will get lots of attention in the city and cause the parties in question to back off from their harsh measures. There will be a great outcry because of the great divide between the rich and poor and living costs. Great economic growth will, however, take place in the years to come. Angola will become involved in unrests happening in Mozambique.